So many people are encouraging me to create a program to serve the super-sensitive gifted Dragon Kids – the Soul Gifted Kids that we know need our help to grow up to be leaders and innovators as is their destiny.

Because of all this support, I’m going for it!  With your support, I’m creating a program for Dragon Kids and the Adults who Love Them!  Yay!

>>> But I need your help – please would you take 4 mins to answer these 4 types of questions? <<<

I don’t want to create something that won’t help.  I really want to give this community what is most useful.

>>> Please do me a favor and answer these few questions for me – it means a lot to me! <<<

So many of you have written that you WANT to help the sensitive gifted kids get the simple clear support they need to avoid feeling devastated, judged, and put down.

>>> Here’s a simple step to take now to help the Dragon Kids – give me your answers! <<<

I really appreciate you being on this journey with me!



P.S. – This program is shaping up so beautifully with feedback from lots of you amazing folks.  I just need these few targeted questions answered, and then I can invite you to participate in this project at a couple of different levels – look for my post on this Friday or Saturday with the invite!