Let’s be honest – some of us are intensity junkies – at a SOUL level – and although we complain about the intense times, the big emotional tsunamis in the collective field, and the environmental changes and what-not, we freakin LOVE this whole crazy game.  We like it intense!

Now be honest. Is this you (at the soul level of course)?  Are you an Intense Soul?

Imagine yourself, before you were born, before you came into your mom’s womb, before you became human (dare I say “again?”), standing up in “heaven” like a slathering sports player itching to get back in the game.

You were up there saying, “Ooh yah!  This is going to be FUN!  I want to go back to Earth to be around the intense transition (2000-2012), and I want to be one of the pioneers in creating new systems, Researchernew structures, and a new grid of consciousness that is built on empathy so the whole global family becomes more compassionate, connected, and, well, more like a real “family”…. Eventually. ;)”

“But to be ready for all that,” you say, “I’d better go through some real trials and tribulations in life first.  I mean, I’d better go in facing big challenges all through this lifetime so that I can come out the other side, and then stand as an evolved leader and innovator.  Yah!  That will be so fun!  Put me in, Coach!”

Now imagine your spirit guides or soul counsel or whatever standing there, shaking their heads with little smiles on their faces, and looking askance at each other like “Oh boy, this soul.  What are we gonna do with this guy?  This one always wants to treat an earth lifetime like an extreme soul sport!” 

They try to encourage you to take the edge off a bit.  “That’s a lot to carry in one lifetime, Dude,” they say.

And you – your eyes just light up like you’ve just been challenged to a good dare.  You puff up your soul-chest, and you insist on going in.  And like always happens with you, they send you down the chute into this next lifetime. Done deal.

OK, so cut to your present time now.
You’ve been through a lot in this life.  When you look back at your life, it’s like you’ve already lived several lifetimes just this time around!
You are sensitive.  You feel everything.   You’re pretty psychic but you call it a “gut feeling” so people don’t think you’re a weirdo.
You care DEEPLY – maybe too much? – about others all over the world.
You are feisty about getting something meaningful done in this lifetime.  Like, REALLY passionate. At some level, you never rest.  Your strong soul-level devotion drives you.  You probably have money, just cause you’re someone who would never just “cruise” through life.  But you don’t work to just make money.  Money is a tool so you can do the other stuff.  The bigger stuff.  

And you’re willing to do whatever self-diving and inner-soul-spelunking you need to do to work through your own personal blocks and self-sabotaging patterns.  Because frankly, you don’t have time to be blocked and held back.  Life is short.  And you came here to have an impact.  So you do the spiritual work.  You show up fully for the honest communications.  You tell the fricken truth.  You’ve got no time to hide, to lie, or to manipulate.  It’s not that you’re against all that per se.  It’s just no fun.  And it doesn’t find the real solutions.  And you are all about the real solutions.

For you, spirituality is not about looking enlightened, or feeling a blissful nothingness.  No.  For you, spirituality is about contacting ALL of it.  Spirituality is a tool for opening your creativity to bring it ALL through, so you can do the big stuff you came here to do.  

You’re an intensity junkie of the soul, My Friend.
At least that’s my cutesy self-deprecating nickname for what we are.

I work best with people like you.
When I am interviewing you to be a new potential client for intensive shamanic training and/or intuitive business strategy coaching (because in my world, these two things go together), I am asking myself one big question.

Are you an Intense Soul?
Or do you just want a shamanic facial?  
Are you just looking for a light exfoliation of your soul,
like a soft enlightened glow to make you look prettier for a special event?

Or do you want the miracle of accelerated evolution, direct connection via oracle to soul-level truth, and a jump-forward in consciousness that puts you in league with other evolutionary creators on this planet?

Cause, um, there’s a difference.

0095Because, like other Big Healers, I can only do the second thing.
Don’t work with me if you’re looking for a facial.
Cause while I can be gentle, I can’t help but rock your world.
Because you, your business, your pleasure quotient, and your relationships will all be swiftly lifted onto a different level if you work with me.
And I don’t want to apologize for that.
My old nickname at my healing center in San Diego was The Atom Bomb of Shamanic Release
And I have honestly had clients mad at me for causing the complete healing of something they were secretly attached to keeping around.  Can you relate?
These people drive me nuts.  I like to work with people who actually want what they say they want.  So I can help the divine give it to them.  BAM.  It’s not hard.  The client’s asking is actually the hardest part, and the rest is easy.

Anyway – This may sound stuck-up or whatever.  Actually, it’s a warning.  Because I’m finally clear about one thing.  Rapidly accelerating people who want a shamanic facial is not nice.  They are asking for a peanut.  And I’m gonna force feed them a truckload of raw cashew pie?  (Mmmmm raw cashew pie…I love pie).  Wait, where were we? Oh yah.  Giving people more than they will receive? Dude, that’s not “informed consent.”  In my eyes, THAT is the real act of arrogance.

See, the real act of arrogance is when someone like me (and yes, there are others of us, and yes you may be one) gives away too much to someone who is not ready for it, and then we use the messy aftermath to show how intense and cool we are.  As if the resultant drama is proof that we are super powerful.  And as if our way-too-low prices are proof that we are saints.  Uh-uh.  Not cool.  But it happens all the time.

Maybe you’re relating to all this from my perspective…. Are you a Big intense healer-helper soul?  OK then. My challenge to others out there who are also intensity-junkie souls with BIG gifts to share is three-fold:

  1. Charge enough that you can be sure the person wants your BIG work, and isn’t just bargaining for a shamanic facial.
  2. Before you give away huge empowerment, interview the potential client to make sure they are ready and able to receive the level of healing/clarity/empowerment that you’re about to dole out.  Just cause they can pay, doesn’t mean they’re ready for what you’re about to deliver.
  3. Whenever you work, devote it all to the Highest Good.  Cause yes, we get all feisty and passionate.  Big healers have big egos.  That’s how we have the audacity to work miracles in this world.  So we gotta keep that ego in its place, by surrendering to the divine creative force that is our one and only “boss.”  

Here’s the biggest danger with being an Intense Soul:

All this intensity, this soul-passion, this devotion to big things… It can frankly make us strut more than we serve.

So integrity is a big issue for big healers/oracles/etc.

My Integrity is served when I watch for the RESULTS of the work – not drama, not a wake of mess, but a clear, confident client whose real world life improves in measurable ways while their sense of fulfillment, connection, and deep satisfaction goes steadily up.  Because, in the beginning, middle, and end of the relationship, this work is not about me.  It’s about what I came here to do, for the collective, for the team.  The Big Team.  It’s about accelerating those who are here to serve by doing big things, connected to spirit AND creating real results.  Those folks know that the BigTeam is not just embodied humans, but a big ol’ team of invisible friends too.

It’s those folks who are the fellow-intensity junkies I’m here to lift up.  If that’s you, and you know we should work together, please sign up for a Soul Gift Session so we can get started.  You’ll learn your Soul Gift, your Life Purpose, and your best Right Role in this world all in one session, plus we’ll clear you at the soul level a bit.  Yes.  Intensity junkies, this one’s for you… 😉