Did you know that you’ve got an Invisible Butler who is standing by, ready to protect the front door for you, ready to direct the rest of your team to serve you, and who is just WAITING for you to give permission  for huge help, support, and resources to flow your way?

True Story.

I was living at Harbin Hot Springs, in my little hut by the creek, giving sessions in the garden, and basically living a life of spiritual retreat and deep healing.  This was right after my big “awakening” that turned me from Stanford educated lawyer to… what?  shaman? intuitive?  psychic?  healer?  That’s what people called me, (and many still do).  Anyway I was kinda trying to figure that out.

And meanwhile, people FOUND me.  I mean, it was “marketing by God” all the way.  I was like one of those old wise women living atop a mountain in a cave, and people *mysteriously* found their way to me.

One of those people was a guy I’ll call James.  James showed up on the doorstep of my hut, acting a bit crazy.  He was a tall striking looking robust bald guy with bright blue eyes.  He didn’t look like he “belonged” at Harbin because he was wearing a really nice watch, and  had the air of old money.  (Hey, I was raised around people of means, so I somehow know the vibe.)

James was wide eyed, wild eyed, and obviously had been crying.  He looked exhausted, strung out.  And I admit I was asking myself – is this guy high?  Is he nutball crazy?  Is he safe?

But I could feel my guidance giggling inside me.  Yes.  He is safe.  Yes.  He is meant to be here.  Let him in.

James poured out a story that was all too familiar.  He had always been a respected businessman.  He had always been that smart guy who had it all together.  Suddenly, a few weeks ago, he accidentally got REALLY psychic.  And for the past few weeks, he’d been unable to sleep.  He felt hounded by the Spirit world.  He was hearing everyone’s dead talking to him – all the time.  He could see what was coming in the future, and then it was proving true.

Of course, he was amazed by all this.  At some level he felt grateful to access all this insight, these mysteries.

But right now, his body was freaking out.

He was worried he was losing his mind.

He hadn’t slept.

And there was no one in his “normal life” he could talk to about this.

I led James down to my creekside “office” – a simple wood deck with a futon on it, 5 feet from the pool with the two waterfalls – one warm from the hot springs, one cold from the creek (yes, I am serious.  the place was incredible)

I guided James to follow his breath, and I gave him an energy clearing.  In my mind’s eye, I could see that his dimensional layers had opened – allowing him to see through many dimensions at once.  I could also see that many energies had intruded through this new opening, and some of them were not “in the highest good.”  Some were bugging him.  Some were tormenting him.  And because he didn’t know how to invite in only the good stuff (he was not a religious or faith-filled guy previously), he was overwhelmed with “visitors” who were  troublesome, in addition to the good guys.

So our first step – I guided James (and highly encouraged him) to set his intention for the Highest Good.  (This was last week’s Genius Experiment, BTW)  And he did.  As soon as he set his compass to connect only with what is in the Highest Good, a lot of energies buzzed off.  And I could easily sort and remove the troublemakers from his field.

Secondly, I introduced James to the concept of Spirit Guides.  Again, this guy was anti-religious.  Passionately so.  He was a high-end professional in his world.  He was an extremely wealthy guy from a ridiculously wealthy family.  And he wasn’t into woo…. Except now, the Woo was into HIM!

After explaining that Spirit Guides are really just symbols for bigger energies of love and support that we can’t otherwise understand with our little brains, he started to open to the idea.  But it still wasn’t clear to him – I wasn’t asking him to “worship” them.  I was inviting them to HELP him.

Oh wait.  Invisible Butler.

A butler was a role James could understand.  “Oh yes,” he said, “A butler is someone who controls who can contact me, who can reach me.  A butler protects me from contacts that want to use me or drain me.  A butler watches out for me, quietly, in the background.  A butler is like an executive assistant and personal assistant and almost a parent – all at once.”


“James, you need to set an Invisible Butler,” I said.

So he imagined one.  And named him.  And then imagined this Invisible Butler like a giant angel, like a powerful guide who could manage the other spirit guides.  His Butler became  his  go-to invisible support.  He could keep out the bad spirits.  He could test the good ones to make sure they were good.  He could keep everyone out so that James could SLEEP.  He could help James body to integrate all these big new abilities.  He could help James set boundaries.  He could advise James.

And James could choose, with his Butler’s advise, what to do.

“Because,” I told James, “our guides are not here to be worshipped and bowed to.  Their advice is just that – advice. And we are the ones who choose.  We are the ones in this body, in this life, who must do the choosing. Our Invisible Team is like our board of directors, ready to advise, but not to be treated as an authority over our own living loving selves.”

He got it.

And he still points to that day as a turning point.

Actually, he has said on many occasions that he felt that advice “saved his life.”  He was already on such an edge.

That night, after receiving his Invisible Butler, he slept a full night for the first time in WEEKS.  And he used his new supported boundary skills to become one of the most gifted talented psychics I’ve ever known.  And by far the most lucrative.  He charged $50K per session at one point, and was able to reach global elite peeps who are not usually getting access to channeled info.  He made a difference for them.  He felt comfortable with them, so they could open up to him.  (Yes, there are many very wealthy folk who must pay $50,000 for something in order to value it.)  And James gave all that money away (what did he need with more money?) building wells in under-developed countries.

So, I’m inviting you now to set your own Invisible Butler.

It is this week’s experiment in my free Genius Experiment group on Facebook. 

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In fact, this whole month in Genius Experiment, we are talking about how to leverage your Spirit Guides for success in biz and life.

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I’m here to help you bridge the worlds.