How to Make Payment Sacred and Powerful

“OK.”  I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, praying hard into the moment, feeling my tingling commitment, and the strength of my client’s sacrifice in making this payment.  “I’ve entered the numbers. I’m about to press the button.  Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly, tingling with anticipation, “I’m totally ready.”

“YES!  Payment complete!” 

And then we hooted and hollered, giggling a big burst of joyous commitment to the heavens!  The magic of our covenant sparked us both, energizing us for days.


You see, a few hundred years ago, before the industrial age, and when we ALL lived as “indigenous” people on the land, we used “Sacrifice” to power up our intentions through ritual.  We honored “Sacrifice” as we slaughtered an animal.  We utilized the energy of our desire, our commitment, and our prayer for what we wanted in exchange for what we offered up.

Granted, we don’t sacredpaymentsdance around in chicken blood anymore, or ritually slaughter a lamb at the temple to call in a blessing, to give thanks, to seal a deal.

Now – we pay with a credit card!

But we can still make it sacred, a ritual act, and a powerful magical moment that creates new reality.
I’m about to show you how.

Yes, now we use money (and debt) instead of trading animals and foods.
But payment is still a Sacrifice – a statement of intention – and a commitment to invest in what we want most.


We’ve been overlooking this magical moment.
We’ve forgotten to make payment a sacred act.
And we’re missing out on the opportunity to harvest the power of this act to its fullest use.

Admit something.

You can feel the power when you click “buy now.”

You are sending your energy out for something you want.  And often, it tingles in anticipation, in anxiety perhaps, and often in endorphin rush.  Hey, sounds like magical power to me.  Sounds like the movement of energy towards your intentions.  Sounds like ritual.

So how can you make your payment more sacred?  
Here are my suggestions:

1. As you make a payment, let the Sacrifice activate you.  Don’t avoid the intensity.  I know.  It’s not always comfortable to feel wiggly inside.  But that wiggle is your passion moving.  It’s the motivation for you to buy/commit.  So sense it, feel it, and let it be real.

2. Cultivate your passionate energy (anxiety, nerves, desire) in your body, breathing your intention into it.  In other words, linger with that wiggly feeling.  Let it grow.  It is your power.

3. Identify what you want from this transaction – the Desired Result.  It might not be as simple as wanting that shirt you are purchasing – it is likely what the shirt signifies to you.  Feel into what you REALLY want in buying this.

4. Commit to the Sacrifice and to the Desired Result.  As you pay, release that energy of desire in a giant YES to this exchange.  Release your expectations.  Open to accept and receive the result.  You will likely feel expanded, empowered, and limitless, even if your brain is chattering in critique.

5. Stay with your Commitment for the Desired Result.  Recognize that Payment is a powerful force.  It will cause your brain to fight for control (aka buyers remorse).  And if you stay the course in your commitment, Sacred Payment as a ritual Sacrifice will open you to create your Desired Result.

So yes, Payment is Sacred.
In fact, it is especially charged with energy as a Sacrifice.
And if you use it with Intention and good intent, Payment is perhaps our most powerful modern tool for commitment and making new reality.

That’s why, when a client signs up for my year-long Inspired Messenger business school, we do ritual together at the precise moment I accept their payment.  We utilize the power and anticipation of that moment when they are paying a goodly fee to make their dreams of having a lucrative purpose-driven business come true.

After all, we are both “sacrificing.”  I am committing to be their teacher, their ally, and their business coach for a year.  And they are committing to doing the work and making the payment.  It’s a sacred exchange, creating a holy covenant between the two of us.  It is sacred ground.

No way am I going to pass up the chance to leverage that moment for the success of our work together.

Because I truly believe that it is time to make all things sacred, especially business, money, and helping each other succeed.  It’s time to witness the Inspired Messengers rise in the world with the messages that can help us re-make our culture into something we can all be proud of.  And that is what I’m sacrificing for.  That is what I’m working for.  And that’s my devotion and my promise to you.

Want to build your own sacred payments system into your business?  Let’s work together.