Deep Feminine Power. Connection.  Meaning.  Sensuality. Healing. Holding. Sacred circle.

These are not likely the first things you think about when you think about “marketing.”

Yet that’s what we need more of in the world, right now.  Don’t we?

And if you’re a feminine leader… you might feel like “words fail you” in describing your work. You’re not alone.

You can listen to Laura Swan, Women’s Transformational Coach and leader of hundreds in women’s circles, talk about this here:

Now when you check out Laura’s Quiz here, you’ll see how engaging it is! 

When you do deep feminine work, holding space for women’s circles, for profound transformation, for divine feminine power… adding some cheezy marketing language, or NLP-driven manipulation, or pushy pressuring BS, just feels like a big inappropriate desecration.

That’s why I love helping Divine Feminine leaders create a Quiz that tickles the fancy of the women longing for the work, without pushing pressuring or tweaking them.  A  Quiz Funnel meets women just where they’re at, connecting with them on what matters, validating them in their needs and desires, and inviting them gently into taking the next step for  themselves.

Connecting. Flirting.  Playing. Laying the Truth Bare. Holding. Inviting.

This is what Marketing does if it is grounded in Divine Feminine principles.

Take Laura’s Feminine Power Archetype Quiz here now.

NOTE: *** You don’t HAVE to spend several thousand $$ to have ME make your quiz for you! *** Laura didn’t!  She got ONE session with some training.  And she created this thing on her own!

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