I help people work with their Gifts.  I do that because my own awakening to my Gifts was a bit jarring and traumatic!

My Big Gift popped me open in the year 2000.  

I was an attorney with a great practice, a beautiful home and family, living 5 minutes from the beaches of La Jolla. A Stanford graduate, I had even opened an improv theatre in downtown San Diego! I thought I had everything I could ever want.  But guess what?  There was more! 😉

The ecstatic birth of my second child opened up my intuitive gifts wider than I thought possible.  I was expecting a normal “painful” hard-work natural birth, but my “labor” turned out to be a 4-hour pain free intensely pleasurable experience!

Suddenly, after that birth experience, I had the gift of seeing inside of people, of seeing many things that are usually invisible.  It didn’t even make sense to my lawyer brain. I could clearly see people’s invisible “stuff” – especially the wounding and past traumas that live inside of women. I could see the potential, the purpose, and the real gifts people have inside!  I could see energy, talk to spirits, and send healing energy through my hands, and even long-distance.

Although miraculous, it was the most traumatic time in my life. I remember myself standing on the beach, screaming into the sky, and begging for mercy. Because I had changed so fast, and was “hearing voices,” my parents and my husband were concerned that I might be going crazy. My Catholic friends had distanced themselves from me. I felt very alone in this world. There was even talk of me being some kind of danger to my children. I was scared that they would take my kids away, that I would lose everything I’d worked so hard for, and, well, that maybe I WAS going nuts!!!

But the universe sent me help. Mentors like my Apache Mama Maria Yraceburu, and my psychic mentor Beatrex Quntanna showed up and re-framed my condition, showing me how to walk in balance with my Gift.  They showed me how to use my Gift only when asked, and when I could truly help. They helped me recognize how I could help many people, staying in integrity with the power I’d been given to access.

And I recognized that THIS was my real purpose, my deepest gift, and the best use of me – to serve as a messenger and guide to others who wanted to live their Gifts in the world!  I released the practice of law, and walked through the discomfort of changing my life BIG time.

I went from being a lawyer to being a professional intuitive in just a few months.  Word about my gift spread fast, so I always had plenty of clients.

But I felt too “weird” trying to fit into my old world at first.  So I moved into hippie land where the woo-woo people thought I was normal!  I moved from my five-bedroom house near the beach in San Diego to a one room “Hobbit house” in the forest (complete with outdoor kitchen and shower) next to a creek at Harbin in Northern California, surrounded by a an intuitive crunchy community who accepted me with open arms.

I co-founded and guided a community and managed a hot springs retreat center, all while working as a spiritual teacher and healer with people all over the world from 2005 – 2012.  I led retreats with renown spirituality and tantra teachers, trained women in the arts of the Temple Priestess, and led countless rituals, gatherings, and experiences that helped people open their hearts and reconnect with what fed their spirit.

After spending years living a relaxing woo-woo life, I realized that if I kept on teaching spiritual people how to be more spiritual, I would not be fulfilling my full destiny.  I was ignoring the part of me that was pragmatic, solutions-oriented, and excited about the co-creative spirit of intelligent business.  I needed to change again.  It was time to integrate my lawyer self into my path to complete my purpose.

I moved back to my hometown of San Diego in 2012, and began to bridge the worlds of spirituality and business.


I truly believe that the only way we can move through our world’s challenges is to source business innovation from spirit.  So I am devoted to empowering those who, like us, bridge spirit and business.

And I want to help you do it an easier way! You don’t have to give up your family and friends and way of life! You don’t have to avoid spirituality to maintain your position and your revenue.  You can be both spiritually inspired, AND deeply pragmatic and effective.

I help you become a Creative Conduit – a person who sources the wisdom of spirit, and effortlessly channels through you the creative solutions this world is longing for in these times.

All the creative people I talk to admit that their greatest ideas came through them in mysterious inspiring moments.  I have the map and the gift to make those inspiring mysterious moments a regular occurrence in your life.  We don’t need to be religious or woo-woo to activate this Creative Conduit, and let the creative process be easy, natural, and normal.

My dearest Vision is a world where we all effortlessly connect into spiritual wisdom directly, channeling it into the innovative solutions this world needs now.  

Looking back, I can see that it was a long and winding road to integrate the worlds.  I’m here to make it easier for you. I want to see you claiming your own Gift, and channeling your brilliance through you as a Creative Conduit.


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