There’s a big fat lie afoot, and it’s crippling creative genius people everywhere!

The lie says that real geniuses work hard.
It says they put their noses to the grindstone (ouch!).
It says they burn the midnight oil.
It says they suffer for their work.
It says that great writers are depressed alcoholics,
and great artists are suicidal nut-jobs,
and the most ingenious innovators are hard-driving narcissists.


Cause it’s just not true.

I have the honor and privilege of knowing some true channels of genius. Some are tech creative company founders. Some are incredibly innovative moms and women leaders. Some are spiritual teachers and clergy.

What do they have in common?
They freakin’ enjoy life.
They don’t do stuff unless it’s fun.

Yes, they are always doing stuff, creating things, and moving their desires forward pragmatically.
But they don’t overwork. They don’t push until steam is pouring out of their ears like in the cartoons.

In fact, they spend a lot of time in leisure, in rest, and in inspiring activities. In pleasure.

Look around. Those who are running like they’re in a hamster wheel are going nowhere (much like said hamster).

Think about it. Remember the last time you had a truly inspired idea? I bet it was in a moment of pleasure – in the shower, looking at a gorgeous view, or dare I say in the boudoir?

So let’s call a spade a spade.

Grumpy, exhausted, worn-out people are not open channels for the best ideas.

It actually ticks me off when I think about the creative genius folk I know, and how so many are overworked, underpaid, and totally burned out. What a freakin’ waste.
And it’s epidemic. So I’m giving it a disease epidemic kinda name.

Pleasure Deficit Syndrome.

Hell, there’s even evidence for this.

• In a 2014 Kaufmann study, 72% of respondents around the world reported having insights and ideas whilst in the shower.
• A UC Santa Barbara 2012 study found evidence that people who daydream more frequently are generally more creative.
• American Psychological Association found that Stress is bad for creativity.

In other words, relaxing while daydreaming under a hot shower is the best thing you can do for your creative business.

Seriously. Stop being so serious. It’s bad for biz.

Pleasure lights up the creative centers. Pleasure releases creativity-enhancing hormones. Pleasure is relaxing, and therefore opens the way for your creative flow.

In coaching thousands of people for 20 years in how to step up into their intuitive creative gifts while making more impact, more money, and having more fun, I gotta say I have seen increases in pleasure in life have more impact on a person’s health and success than perhaps any other factor.

And I have learned that, as an entrepreneur or business founder, unless your business is FUN and pleasurable to you, you’ll fail. Why? Pleasure Deficit Syndrome kills… ideas.

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