0040From the Soul’s perspective, all this drama, trauma, and scuffle in the political arena is really a sign of the deeper shift our culture is going through, don’t ya think?  My Soul thinks so.  Is your Soul nodding her head right now, quietly inside your heart?

I mean, it’s been a few thousand years of denigration of our feminine principles of compassion (as weak), mother-like nurturance (as not so valuable), collaboration (as sub to competition), sensual awareness (as slave to mental acuity), honoring the sacred (as a waste of productive time), and the voice of passionate longing (being silenced by the voice of dominating power).

The Soul speaks in metaphor.  And just check out the metaphors springing up all over the place right now!

We’ve got a woman running for president.  She is a tough, trained, diplomatic woman who has been hardened in the “reality” of politics, and tainted by the money-games of an intrinsically dirty system.  She is a woman, a mother, a wife, and an expert politician.  Does she remind you of how far women have to go into the “masculine” these days to get ahead?

We’ve got an arrogant struttin’ man running for president.  He is telling his truth boldly, and it’s a pretty misogynistic, racist, Old Boys Network kinda truth.  Yet many find him strangely refreshing just because he is out of control.  Does he reflect the darker more fear-based desperate feelings rising in people across this country who’ve been lied to so much that they grasp at any straw of bold rebellious honesty?  Does he remind you of what our feminine-denying ways have turned our men into?

Instead of looking at these two at the personal level, the political level, or even the societal level, let’s look at this whole situation from the Soul Level.  These two represent energies that are up for consideration.  They are up for renewal. They are certainly UP in the collective conscious of the whole world right now, with other metaphorical personages too (I miss Bernie – but that’s my personality speaking, obviously ;).

And look at what happened most recently when that guy said the “Grabbing her Pu**y” thing.  Whoa.  It’s not a shock to hear that particular person speak with violent words against women, cause we’ve heard that before.  But this time – he invoked a word that shines a light on the most sacred of the feminine, Herself.  And EVERYone got agitated.

Yes, well, he put his finger on it, so to speak. (sorry)

And this while Regena Thomashauer’s new book “Pu#sy: A Reclamation” hit the New York Times Bestseller list.

Coincidence?  I think not.

The emergence of Feminine Power is positively boiling over in the world right now, while the earth herself is roiling and boiling with “climate change” that sure looks like hormonal rage to my Soul.

And I’m Called to speak directly FROM this place, because I can.

0135So if you are feelin’ it, and you know of which I speak, you are invited to a transformative live experience on this Thursday…

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Soul Activation of Feminine Emergence During Turbulent Times.  

A channeled transmission, healing, and message from YoniSpeak.

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