Are you unsure about how to price your private sessions?

This article will show you the secret to charging the perfect amount, getting paid abundantly, and feeling GREAT about the whole thing.  I’m going to tell you about 6 “P’s”.  There are 3 things you’ve been focusing on, and they are the wrong P’s.  And there are 3 things you SHOULD focus on, so that you can get P-P-P-PAID!!!!

Generally you’re focusing on the wrong P’s:  Your Price Tag, Pretty Please, and Patter.  Let me explain…

Price Tag

You’re focusing on the number too much.  It doesn’t matter if it ends in a 9 or a 7.  Seriously.  Stop freaking out about raising your price $20.  The number really isn’t the place to start.  Value is more important.  Focus on the Value of what you are offering.  That is what wants to be communicated.  And it’s different than a number.  I’ll explain more when we get into which P’s you SHOULD focus on!

Pretty Please

You’re begging.  Stop that!  😉  I mean, it’s cute in a self-deprecating sort-of disempowered feminine way, but it is NOT going to get you paid what you’re worth.  When you share your price, you should feel confident, generous, optimistic, and ready to receive.  Don’t worry.  I’m going to show you a way to get there.  Stick with me here.


Your description of your session is lovely.  You spent hours coming up with the words that do your work justice in your mind.  But you might as well say “Blah Blah Blah” because the patter you’re creating is very poetic…to YOU… and to the other woo-woo colleagues who ooh and ah over it.

But your potential clients don’t care how enlightened you are, and they don’t want to read your flowery language.  They want to know what they’ll GET if they pay you.  They need to know this in very specific and results-oriented language.  If your description uses any of the keywords “energy, evolution, transformational, transcendent, oneness, or expansion” you are guilty of blah blah woo woo patter. Erase it.  Get specific.

Ok those were the 3 P’s you’re over focusing on. They are keeping you from getting paid.

I know, it sounds kinda harsh.  But trust me, it’s tough LOVE I’m giving you.  Because I KNOW the power of transformative woo-woo stuff.  I spent seven years training women in the ancient arts of the temple priestess, and I still do powerful long-distance healing work.  I’m a powerful woo-woo girl myself.  But I let my clients discover that on their own.

Can you be honest with me?

When was the last time you spent over $150 an hour on the services of a professional, and WHY did you do it?  Was it pain in your body, or your need for effective business strategies, or your need to help with taxes or accounting or…?

So if you’re wondering why others are getting paid, and you’re not… this is your big hint.  Now I’ll be give you the basic ANSWER – here’s what to focus on when you are setting your price so that you’ll get PAID!

To get PAID, focus on these P’s instead…


What is the particular problem you are solving?  What is the particular solution your clients want?  Who is your particular client you are helping?  What is your client going to get – specifically?


You’re asking your client to put up some considerable dough.  They deserve your promise of what they’ll get in return.  You don’t have to promise the ultimate result if the client will have to do the work to get there, but what CAN you promise?  How about, “This session will give you all the tools you need to…” or “After this session you’ll understand…” or “With this session, I promise you’ll get clarity on….”  And here’s where you can also give your version of the guarantee.  They don’t know you. They’re taking a risk.  Give them some security, and they’ll make the leap of paying you.


Testimonials are golden.  Statistics are even better.  I am happy to tell people that I have a 98% reported success rate with my clients over the past 14 years.  That means 2% reported back that it didn’t “work” in their opinion.  And guess what.  I refunded them, as long as they met the terms of my refund policy.  I mean… why not?  I do intuitive work.  Many holistic things are simply soft and intangible.  So if somebody doesn’t feel the benefit, I’m not going to take their money.  That said, I’ve had several of those write me later and admit that I was just telling them what they didn’t want to hear at the time… but that’s another story. 😉

So the point is, stand by your results.  Share them.  Whatever proof you have, put it up front.

OK Mellissa, but I still don’t know how to price my sessions!!!

Well, if you do the work I’ve explained so far, it will be time to price your session.

Look at the particulars, the promises, and the proof, and THEN ask “how much is it worth to my chosen client?”

Yes.  If you really did the homework, and you’re making strong promises, it is likely worth far more than you are likely charging.

And maybe you are NOT READY to ask for what you’re worth.

Maybe you have what I call “Price-setting Scarcity Disease.”  That’s where you’ve been spiritual so long that you don’t think you should charge any money.  Or where you’ve been trading with other woo-woo folk in a low-paid economy, and now you’d feel embarrassed to charge what you’re worth.

It’s OK.  I’ve been there.  I know the way out.

Here are the steps to curing Price-setting Scarcity Disease:

1.     Ask for what you can receive.

For example, if you’ve been charging $100, and you can’t keep a straight face when you say “I charge $200/hour” then start with $125.  Keep upping it slowly as you de-sensitize yourself and realize that people want to value you, and they want to pay you.  Better to up the price slowly than to paralyze yourself by trying to do it all at once.

2.     When they complain, up the price, and make the promise.

You’ve been attracting people who want to pay $100.  When you up the price, those type of people may whine.  That’s ok.  You need to attract the people who want to pay $200 because they want that level of value.  So don’t freak out if they complain.  Focus on the promises, and stand tall.

3.     Keep asking.

Keep re-writing your description.  Try different versions out on people.  Try it on REAL people – not other holistic healers.  They don’t know any better than you. Try it out on the people who have the problem, and are desperate to solve it.

4.     Back it up with Proof.

When you raise your price, make it clear to your ongoing clients WHY the value has gone up.  You’re getting better at your craft.  You’re creating big results.  You’re drawing more clients.  You have less time.  Feel free to be honest about how your value is indeed raising itself, as is your business acumen!  Your ongoing clients will likely say “It’s about time.”

That’s it.  Those are my BEST tips to charging MORE and feeling GREAT about it.  And guess what.  When you charge more, you’ll value your own work more.  You’ll do better work.  You’ll get better results.  It’s the whole energy exchange thing.  Your clients will be more ready – more serious – more devoted to doing the work you need them to do.  It’s a win-win-win.  And most importantly, you’ll get the money you need to RELAX so you can do your gifted work better and for more people.  We need you in this world, doing what you came here to do, and living in relaxed abundance so you don’t burn out.  So thank you for raising your prices.