0095Contact Your Invisible Team and Put Them to Work!

Maybe it’s time to stop doing it all by yourself.

  • Do you feel lonely sometimes – like you’re the only one of your kind
  • Do you feel kinda tired, longing for more support?
  • Do you wish you had a full team who could empower your biz and life, without having to pay them?

Well, no worries.

Your Spirit Guides, your Soul Team, your Inner Guidance – whatever you want to call those friggen’ powerful wise voices that nudge (and occasionally shove) you in the right direction – they want to help you!  And they can!  With huge power, luck, opportunity – the works!

But here’s the problem…

Your Invisible Team is very close by, but they can’t reach you…

…until you invite them in.

There’s this Free Choice Law, you see.

It says that Spirit, Angels, Guides, etc can’t go messin’ with the humans unless the humans CHOOSE to ask for help, and to welcome that help in.

So you might imagine your whole Invisible Team, excitedly shifting from one foot to the other, just WAITING for you to open the door for them to help.

They have what you need most:

  • They have all this resource, all this wisdom, and yes – power.
  • They have “Connections” of the highest degree 😉
  • They have serendipity, luck, and perfect timing for you.

But you have to ask.

How best to ask – so they can come in and help?

Glad you asked. 😉

The 3 Easy Steps to open the door to your Spirit Guides’ help 24/7 for the rest of your life:

1. Imagine them.  Yes, like imaginary friends.  Imagine your guides in detail, by name, and with specialties.  This is like an invitation to them to be in relationship with you.  Of course “guides” are really big energies of loving kindness and wisdom – and it is our imagination that adds the names, shapes, and details.  That’s great!  Those details are what make it easier for us to be in relationship with guidance!

2. Invite them.  With your intention set for the Highest Good (cause you don’t want to invite relationship with anything that’s not attuned with the highest good), send out the invitation for your guides, who come in love and wisdom, to help you out 24/7 for the rest of your life.  That should just about cover it. 😉

3. Listen to them.  Your guides will speak to you in any way you’ll listen, honestly.  Get quiet and see what you “imagine” is coming through.  Yes.  It really is that simple.

Simple as this seems, so few of us actually do it!

And even if they’ve tuned in with your guides on occasion, it’s so rare to find people who really do so regularly, or who even create a system – for creating with their guides – for using them in business as well as personal life!

I’ve got a pretty awesome system for working with my guides.

And every single time I work with a client, I’m including their guides in the conversation.

So I kinda live in a world where Guides are always intimate co-creators!

Many people have asked me for help learning about how to connect with their guides, and how to leverage their help in real life!

So I’m offering a live video webinar training, transmission, and activation for you…

Put Your Guides to Work

A Live-Streaming Training, Transmission, and Activation

It’s on Tuesday September 20, 2016 – at 7:00PM PST

broadcasting live from my office across from the ocean in Pacific Beach, San Diego – with a sweet cozy live audience too.

Register here to join us online for this powerful experience that will set you up with an ongoing personal way to connect with your Spirit Guides and put them to work!

If you tune in, you will:

  1. Connect with your guides and put them to work through a guided experience I’ll lead,
  2. Receive healing transmission to open up the conduit between you and your invisible Team,
  3. Learn a simple system to put your guides to work in supporting your business, your wealth, and your fullest success, 24/7 for the rest of your life.

Instead of paying me $750 for a full session of personal introduction, clarity and clearing, you can join in on this powerful live transmission from your own home for only $30.

You can be in the transmission LIVE online,

and you’ll also get the full recording.

If this sounds great to you, register here.

If you live in Southern California, and would like to attend this event LIVE, you can register to do that here.