Energetic Forecast
Full Moon in Leo (Puma Moon)
January 23 – Feb 8, 2016

Mellissa TeachingThis Saturday is the Puma Moon – a Full Moon in Leo, and it means all you sensitive intuitive folk who’ve been hiding behind “Shy” are ready to bust out in the world with your Wisdom-A-Flyin!

You can’t keep it under wraps.  Time to find your stage, and to (gently) get your ass behind the microphone!


I see you!  You have intuitive special gifts and they are bustin’ out all over!


Up till now, you’ve been able to keep it under wraps.

Not anymore.

Not starting this weekend.  Not during this moon.


Here’s why:

1. The world is getting so messed up that you can’t stay silent and witness it anymore.

2. You’re an empath and all the messed-up-ness is getting too strong to ignore.

3. Your guides are riding you hard, giving you signs all over the place that IT’S TIME to get out there and give your Gift.

4. You’re sick of being unappreciated, unseen, and unpaid.  You know it’s time for you to take your seat on your specially-designed Throne of Power and freakin’ BRING it.

5. Even though you’ve been avoiding money, you’re starting to be less afraid of it, and more interested in using it for the GOOD you came here to do.


Yep, Leo Full Moon – means it’s time for YOU to shine.


Puma Full Moon means it’s time for the sensitive kitty to pounce into leadership.

Sensitive Kitties Pounce

Current world energies mean it’s time for you to step up to the plate.


This weekend is a great time to take stock of your gifts, to make your plan (yes we are almost out of Mercury Retrograde — whew), and to be ready for next week’s big Coming Out Party!


Here’s your game plan:

This weekend – Take stock of what you’re bringing the world!

1. Discover your Gifts. (Soulgiftquiz.com)

2. Assess where you’re at. (Soul Gift Business Success Assessment)

3. Fantasize about what you have to share from your own perfect stage!


Next weekend – the Moon will be in Virgo, and Mercury will be out of retrograde – time to take action!

1. Organize your office.

2. Clear the decks of the projects that you didn’t finish.

3. Get REAL about business, your place in it, and how you can actually really serve real people with your Gift.  (I’m here to help you with this, if you want me to!)


YES – this Game Plan will set you up for the Real “New Year” – the Chinese New Year of the Monkey that happens with the next moon on Feb 8 – the New Moon in vision-boosting Aquarius!

Make life simpler, sensitive one, by going with the flow of the cycles.

I hope this info helps you find ease and joy during this potent set-up period for 2016!




P.S.  Don’t miss your chance to take the Success Assessment right now – It’s a great (and free) way to really know where you’re at in bringing your gifts to the world!  And (shhhh it’s a secret) if you take this Assessment, you may win a free private session!  So go for it!  You’re meant to find further success this year like never before!