A bit blind.
And more than a bit queasy with the current state of affairs.
That’s how a SNAKE feels right before losing her skin to reveal a whole new self underneath. (Sound familiar? 😉 )
Yet Snake knows how to walk through the biggest change with Grace.

First and foremost, Snake is an expert skin-shedder.
Snake shows us how to let go of the old way, and slip gracefully into our new skin.
But it doesn’t feel as sleek and sexy as it sounds.  It feels much like today’s political climate, actually.

snakeskinWhen a snake is about to shed, the old skin becomes dry and constrictive.  For a few days, as the old skin is detaching from the new layer, the snake feels, well, like it’s crawling out of it’s own skin.  It is agitated, irritable, and itchy.  The old and new layers of skin overlapping over the eyes obscure the snake’s vision, so it feels particularly wiggy- scared, vulnerable, and, well, pissy.

I’d say that’s about how we’re all feeling about now, eh?
Our fat lazy culture is being forced out of an old skin, and we don’t even know who we are underneath yet.  We just know that this transition is far more irritating, agitating, and scary-vulnerable feeling than we’d even dreamed possible.

So what do snakes do to make this whole process (riding massive change) easier?

Snake Magic Tips:

snakeskinpeel1. Rest Unapologetically – as the old skin sheds, the snake slows down.  Have you been sleeping more recently?  Good.  Don’t fight it.  Perhaps your old skin getting ready to slough off!

2. Belly to Earth Moves Faster – flailing your limbs is not all it’s cracked up to be!  Snake reminds us that we can move swiftly by getting grounded – literally putting belly to earth and breathing fully.  This charges us with the electromagnetic power of the natural earth forces, and makes rest more efficient so we can then go faster in action.

3. Sunshine is Fuel – It’s easy to forget the the Sun itself is our power source.  It powers the plants we eat.  It powers our vision, our skin, and our warmth.  Basking in the sunshine is critical to mental and physical health.  Vitamin D, for example – look it up!

4. Swallow More than You Can Chew – BUT always allow plenty of time for it to digest.  Snake reminds us to follow our impulses to take a bite out of life, but to also take the time we need to Integrate what we choose.

5. Undulate the Spine to Stay Alive – In a world of hunched-over dead-eyed screen starers, we are at risk of dying before we kick-off.  Our brains, imaginations, and sex-drives numb out.  Ugh.  Snake has the answer.  Spinal ripples.  Dancing. Lovemaking.  Yoga.  Deep breathing.  These things work, in part, because they make us ripple the spine, which carries the fuel of life itself from bottom to top.

6. Feel the Vibe – Vibe is short for vibration (or vibrator tee tee) and Vibration is the way Snake senses danger, food, and just about everything else.  With bellies to earth, we can feel the pulse of the Mother, the footsteps of the stranger, and the vibrations positive and negative.  As snake-smart humans, we feel the “vibe” – the energy vibrations around us – to know what we can trust, and what we should step away from.  Snake reminds us to trust what we feel.

7. Primal Power Wins – Snake is an ancient symbol and stand for primal power, earth-centered spirituality, magical sexuality, and deep feminine wisdom.  Birth and death and resurrection.

Perhaps Snake’s greatest reminder is that Primal Natural Power always wins.  Mother Nature has her way.  Authentic embodied integrity is the greatest force of leadership.  And this can be learned only through experience, while aligning oneself to the utmost devotion to the Highest Good.

I can only share a few cute little tips with you on a blog like this about one of the most powerful energies on Earth.
True Snake Magic is EXPERIENCED, preferably in community, in devotion, and in direct response to our Calling to integrity and power.  Snake Magic is best when utilized in passionate devotion for human evolution.

That’s what we’re going to do on Thursday.
And you are invited.

Thursday, December 1 (I know!  DECEMBER!  ACK!) at 1:00-2:00PM PST
Experiential Snake Magic Initiation for Changemakers and Thought-Leaders
A live-stream experience of riding/creating change with grace – with Mellissa
Thursday 1:00-2:00PM PST
$30 – A fundraiser for Standing With Standing Rock (all fees go to the charity)

I hope you will join us for this potent experience. Register here.

Once you’re registered, check out the Snake Prayers from Maria Yraceburu to get in alignment with Snake energies today!