“So, what do you do?”

Does this question land with an UGH in the pit of your stomach?

You know that your answer to this question is about to categorize you, pin-hole you, and crystalize your identity for your listener.  They want to feel they KNOW you.  They won’t.  They will just have an opportunity to put you in a box.

That said, here is the way to feel VICTORIOUS about answering “What do you do?”


1.  Accept it. You are JUDGED by your answer.

It’s time to accept the truth – we pigeon hole each other!  We make split-second judgements about people!  It’s not getting “better.”  We do it faster than ever.  We do it via Facebook profile, email name, or photo.


2. Direct it.  CRAFT a productive answer.

Since it’s going to happen anyway, make that initial judgement work FOR you!  Yes, it’s possible to have an answer that INVITES that person into knowing you better.  Your short, direct, simple answer to this question can leave them curious and interested in you.  That way, the door to deeper connection is OPEN.  All it takes is some attention and perhaps some advice to craft a good answer.  Remember, the answer here should open a door to more, not sum up your life’s work.


This page will show you some great examples…


3. Claim it.  EMPOWER your own self-description.

In the same way that you feel GREAT when you’re wearing your favorite outfit, you can empower your What-I-Do statement to affirm you and encourage you every time you say it!  Let it be positive, clear, and confident.  Enjoy it!  You know what it’s like when someone answers the “What do you do” question with a shrug and an apology and a shy giggle?  It’s kind of sad, huh?  You want to help them, affirm them, and you feel a bit uncomfortable?  You don’t have to leave anyone feeling that way.  You can find a statement that leaves BOTH of you feeling AWESOME!

Now, it may take some time and a few tries to get a GREAT “What-I-do” statement.  And you may want some help with it.

I’m particularly good at helping people discover their IDEAL statement.

If you want some radical HELP with this,

to clear the blocks, to clarify the words, and to empower you to enjoy speaking them, I’m your gal.