Yes.  Yes you are.  We all are.

We are getting squeezed in the birth canal right now.

It feels like this:


And you’re both the mommy and the baby.  WHEE!

The cool part is that there’s no room now for all that extra BS in your head.  It’s getting squeezed out by the intense energies of change all around.

The bad news is it’s a freakin’ messy process.  Everyone’s amped up with too much adrenaline, running around confused and distracted and so passionate that they don’t make sense anymore.  Just like daddies sometimes get when mommy’s birthing.

And if you want to stay conscious through all this wild melee, you gotta do what the birthing mamas (and babies) do.  You gotta “relax” in the midst of it all, and “allow” the natural process.

I know.  That’s probably the last friggen thing you wanted to hear from me.

You want a to-do list, and an easy pill fix.  Nope.  This time it’s just the “Ride it out, Baby.”

The truth is, things are so intense sometimes, it just feels wrong to even bother filling your head with another drop of info.  You’ve got enough.

So I just want to leave you with this image.

Keep breathing, allow, relax, and let this process take its course.

You are not alone.