You’re stubborn as a mule.  But not in the way YOU think…

Of course, you think you SHOULD be exercising, meditating, and eating more green stuff.  Because you resist, you think you’re stubborn.

But actually, you’re being stubborn in failing to celebrate your successes.

It’s not that you’re too easy on yourself.

It’s that you’re WAY too HARD on yourself.

This is a sneaky and pervasive form of STUBBORN.

And it’s crippling you.

If the idea is to live the BEST of BOTH worlds, then why not celebrate when you already HAVE it?  The more we celebrate the sweet spot when it arises in the course of a day, the more the sweet spot reappears.  Yet we deny ourselves this celebration, this pat on the back, this self-recognition.

The INNER GRUMP ruins the party on a regular basis.  Your INNER GRUMP is never pleased.  So don’t make your INNER GRUMP your GURU!

The INNER GRUMP is the spiritual evil twin of your PERFECTIONIST at work.  The INNER GRUMP says you’re never doing enough for self-improvement and wellness.  It’s the same superego inner-bully, but wearing prayer beads and a crystal necklace.  Sneaky!

Want to come out of the MIND CONTROL of your INNER GRUMP?  Here’s how…

1. Wake in GRATITUDE.  As soon as you wake up, before getting out of bed, count your blessings.  Feel gratitude for the SIMPLE stuff – your body, your bed, your view, your kids, etc.  It’s scientifically proven to shut down the INNER GRUMP

2. Do the HAPPY DANCE.  Celebrate each little thing you’re proud of with a Happy Dance.  That means let your little burst of gratitude and joy MOVE your body somehow. Maybe you do the BUTT WIGGLE like you’re a happy puppy with a tail.  Maybe you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about.  Either way, THAT’s what it’s all about!  Improvised playful dance/movement opens the mind and improves divergent thinking skills

3. Make a VICTORY LIST. At night, write down the 3 things you did that day that you are proud of. It may be something small. Recognize that what you track, what you pay attention to – that’s what GROWS in your life.  So pay attention to your VICTORIES – and witness them expanding!

Your INNER GRUMP will try to convince you that these 3 steps are too silly, too simple, too childlike to work.  But that bastard’s been leading you astray for a long time.  😉 So do it anyway.