Dear Everyone,

This goes out to the creatives who are doing it the hard way – which is almost all of us!

Why is it exhausting, frustrating, and sometimes fruitless to create just the right stuff at the right time?

It’s hard cause we forgot something really important that would make it really easy

The short answer is this: We are designed to create with Spirit. And there’s an easy pleasurable way to do just that. In fact, it is our design.  We are designed to be conduits, channels, and translators of the great ideas that flow through us.

It can be EASY, when you know how to be a Creative Conduit. 

Dude, listen – we are DESIGNED to light up with inspired wise evolutionary ideas that can create real good change on the planet.

First, we are are made to be inspired by the mysterious ineffable beauty that surrounds us, the poignant emotional traumas of life, and the gosh-darn magnificent awesomeness of nature. And this is supposed to open our minds.

0127Second, while feeling cracked open by the mystery itself, we are designed to effortlessly download great ideas – at will.

Third, our hearts’ nature is to become impassioned and emotionally invested, excited, and enthused about making that inspired stuff “real” in this world.

Fourth, it is our nature to create real solutions (not just to be dreamy idealist visionaries).  We are made to use our creative intelligence, our good-natured kindness, and our problem-solving smarts to translate that inspired idea into a real life thingie that helps the world – in such a way that the real life creation is in Integrity with the original idea and intention, sourced from Spirit.

This is our nature as creative beings.  We’ve just been leaving some pieces out – the ones that make the whole thing fun and easy!

This is not new news.  This whole creative process, sourced from Spirit, has been mapped and understood for eons by our ancestors of every nation – back when we honored both worlds – spirit and tangible, nature and humans, inspiration and intellect.

What’s strange is that now we think spirit and reality are separate worlds, instead of pragmatic partners.

Yes, we’ve forgotten what we knew. But it’s not really hidden. It’s not even a “mystery” like a Mystery School (although many will claim it is special and woo-woo and weird and just for special people). It’s just natural. It’s not owned by any particular religion or tradition. It belongs to YOU. You are designed for it. You do it all the time.

It’s just that somewhere along the way, we forgot what the Source of great ideas really is, and how to tap that power that we are designed to channel into real world good stuff.

And we stopped talking about it.

We made anything regarding that source of inspiration (aka Spirit, the Muse, the Mysterious, the Creative Spark etc) into something either make-believe or religious. Bummer. Cause that’s where the real juice is. That’s where the great ideas come from. That’s the connection that keeps Geniuses inspired and creating out-of-the-box solutions. And we keep denigrating it, hiding it, and poo-pooing it as woo-woo. We don’t map it, and use it, and collaborate with it.

This causes us some serious problems for pragmatic creatives:

  • We get upset when others have “our ideas” as if they must have stolen them.
  • We hide our great ideas, thinking they are rare and scarce.
  • We do weird stuff to try to get re-inspired – stuff that doesn’t work.
  • We accidentally shut down the creative channel inside, and then tell ourselves we have “writers block” as if it’s a senseless passing illness.
  • We burn ourselves out trying to do something that doesn’t respond well to “trying.”

Sometimes, “success” is what makes us forget.

For many real genius types, as soon as we start getting paid well for having great ideas, we do stuff that shuts down our great-idea-channel, get tired, frustrated, and quit.  Seriously?! As soon as we have the plentiful resources and influential position to REALLY change things, we blow ourselves out and become tired, over-whelmed, and irrelevant?  Bummer.

“OK,” you say, “so this misunderstanding creates some frustrated creatives. But so what? Those creative types are always frustrated. Maybe they even like it!”

Well, the real problem is this: All of these misconceptions are costing the world some of the most genius ideas EVER just at a moment when this world needs some freakin’ genius ideas!

The truth is, we are designed to be conduits of the creative source.  And when we learn to open the Creative Conduit and activate it, we become channels of the very best stuff – joy, innovation, abundance and “luck.”  And suddenly, finding solutions for the world’s problems doesn’t seem so dang hard, because we have access to a limitless source of inspiration and ideas that do all the right things.  But are we focusing our efforts here???? Nope.

Even though we are creative and smart, we make things harder than they need to be. We focus on pushing the rock up the hill, and thinking stuff up all by ourselves, and doing it without accessing all that intangible power that is just WAITING for us to open the way and bring it in.

So we struggle against our own nature, making something that’s supposed to be easy into something that’s hard.

Time to make it easy again…

And now it’s time for me to give you what you need to become a Creative Conduit.

I’ve been studying, teaching, and channeling new helpful info on this whole process for the past 15 years.  I’ve helped thousands of people bridge the worlds to become more creative and to live a pleasurable integrity that makes life richer, more meaningful, and way more fun.

For the past year, I’ve been focused coaching 8 true genius creators – mostly tech-expert creatives who have founded and created and sold companies, who have creatively led multi-million dollar organizations, who have hosted events for up to tens of thousands of creatives, who have collaborated with top notch genius creators to find new solutions to bridge the worlds.  They’ve designed structures, buildings, devices, cell phones, tablets, ecological solutions, and global companies that bridge art, ecology, technology, creativity, and, yes, spirituality.

And working with these brilliant folks has shown me more and more how simple, clear, and imperative these steps are to come into our own Creative Conduit selves – where we stand in a place of ease and grace while we bring through us the ideas that the world needs now.

I envision a world where the gifted creatives are openly channeling the best ideas into reality, creating a better world – with more efficiency and integrity than anyone ever dreamed possible.

Soon, I will announce the programs I’ve been creating to help open the way.

But first, I need some more creatives to receive this work in its powerful BETA state, and to give me good feedback in creating this work as it goes into wide publication.

So I’m going to end this long letter with an invitation.

This is an opportunity for 6 people to receive this transmission and information FIRST and directly from me personally.  They will receive private intensive work with me at more than 50% off what I usually charge.  And in return, they will give me feedback on the languaging, the experience, and the results they receive.  They will be pioneers and founding participants in what is to be a wide-reaching body of work.

Yes.  You heard that right.

I’m inviting 6 creative genius types to receive a 6 week guided personalized study including 3 private one-on-one sessions with me.

This offer is only for those who respond right away.  (This is May 6, 2016)  I will accept the first 6 who apply and meet my requirements.

You are invited if you are like this…

  • A working creative professional who balances right and left brain stuff all the time (creative tech, industrial design, new business design…)
  • Devoted to doing good in this world (while you do well in business too)
  • Enthusiastic about learning ways to directly channel power and innovation through you in full integrity.
  • Invested in being a real-world innovator making a contribution, and not just a spiritually arrogant show-off with shamanic party-tricks.
  • Willing to stand as a pioneer in an emerging field where spiritual sourcing of innovation becomes commonplace and natural.

Want to learn how to source a steady flow of innovation through you?  This is a powerful initiation that will do this for you…

  • Know which of your many ideas is the BEST creation to focus on right now.
  • Understand what you’re really here for – your Soul Gift, Purpose, and Right Role.
  • Clear your blocks to creating your best idea in the world now.
  • Activate your Creative Conduit – so you can receive great ideas easier and with more clarity.
  • Connect with your divine guidance and support so you never have to create alone again.

The cost is less than 50% of my usual rates, and you guys know I don’t usually discount my one-on-one work.  The sessions alone would cost $2000.  I am offering this life-enhancing 6 week personalized program for $950.  We would start right away.

If you want to do this, find more info and registration here.  Again, I will only take the first six who qualify.

If you do not fall into the category requested here, I humbly ask for your support, prayers, and encouragement as I bring this work into the world.  I feel it will benefit all of us and our children and grandchildren if our creative geniuses are opened as channels of evolutionary wisdom and power.

Here’s to all of us, bringing our Gifts through with grace and ease,