I was supposed to be holding it all together. But I had tears streaming down my face, even though I was co-leading a meditation event.  I was at that snotty messy sobbing phase, too.  It was not just the pretty tear-trickle kind of crying appropriate for awakened folks in meditation.  It was the “OMG I’m losing it in front of these 60 people” kind of crying.  I was upset about something that had happened right before the event.  And of course breath work brought it right to the surface.  And my choice in that moment was to let it come.  So I was broken open up there on the little stage.  And I must admit, most people didn’t notice.  They were involved in their own journey.

But there was one guy, sitting solid in himself, grounded in his hips, strong and awake and present and kind.  And he was gazing back at me with soft gentle laser blue eyes, and a relaxed face.  He grinned softly in such a way that I melted.  I knew I was safe.  It was his presence.  It was big.  Like even from 20 feet away, he was holding me in a big brother embrace that was completely safe.

That is my first memory of really meeting Jim Benson.

Yes, I’d heard about him.  He was a good friend of most of my best friends.  He’d been traveling the world teaching sacred sexuality, and studying sacred relationship arts, for years.  He was known to be an entertaining teacher and a goof – kinda like me.

But that moment, when his masculine totally held my feminine in my vulnerable state – that was when I really MET Jim Benson.

Years later, I was present for the birth of his child, as his wife Jess and I had become really close friends.  And I got to see Jim show up as a new father, broken open and vulnerable, and still strong and so so kind through the entire transformative experience.

Yes, I’ve seen Jim Benson walk his talk for many years.

And if you’ve ever tried to study sexuality, you know how freakin’ rare it is to find someone who is an expert in that area, and still holds deep integrity.  I mean, this guy is precious. 

Here are a few things I’ve learned from Jim Benson:

  • Men care as much as women do about love, sex, and being true.
  • Integrity in male sexuality is not just possible – it’s the highest expression of male power.
  • Men can have multiple orgasms too- they just need to learn how.

Now that I’m a single gal, meeting and dating guys, I have more appreciation than ever for Jim’s gifts in this world.  I really feel for my brothers out there.  What a ton of heavy responsibility and pressure you all carry.  And I want more men to have this info, so I can date them.  Hehe.

If you are a man who wants to learn from Jim, or if you’re a woman who wants to encourage a man to learn from Jim, there’s a great opportunity coming up.

Power and wisdom manifests when a group of conscious men gathers with a clear intention. 

>>> He’s doing a one-of-a-kind intensive – his Boot Camp Weekend. <<<

I wish I was a guy so I could go.  That’s how good this thing is.

Since I’m a gal, please go for me. 🙂

The great price ends soon, and you should grab a spot while it’s still available. 🙂

Let me know how it goes for you.

And let him know that Mellissa Seaman sent you.  Cause he loves the people I send!