One of my clients, Jennifer, was a financial strategist.  I mean she is a super smarty-pants person.  She was living in this amazing condo with cream colored furniture and carpet.  Classy.  She never had an issue with money.

Then, one day, she felt a Calling.  She began taking energy healing classes and developed her gift.  She went from Reiki to Quantum to Spiritual Touch to other juju stuff that works like a charm.  Super powerful gifted healer.  She kept her day job, while she developed her biz.

But at the same time as her intuitive gifts developed, her money dropped fast.

Why was it so hard to be intuitive, spiritual, and gifted – and still have wealth?

She was studying marketing. She had a coach (not me at that time BTW ;).  In fact, she spent close to $100,000 of her savings trying to learn how to market her energy healing work.  And none of it worked for her.

It was almost like something was “against” her doing this work…

Now, I must say, this was really ringing a bell for me.  When I first had my intuitive awakening, after having been a Catholic lawyer for all my life, my first inclination was to create a biz plan for this new way of being.  But I felt blocked.  I couldn’t do it.  And later, when I finally studied marketing, I was amazed at how hard “business” had become even though I’d previously been a business attorney!

Anyway, back to Jennifer…

She exhibited many of the same blocks that I see over and over with Intuitive people – even the smartest most powerful intuitive people!  She resisted doing the work to become known in the world.  People complained about her prices (even though she was charging way too little).  She would strangely sabotage her own efforts to make money. And she was really struggling to draw clients.

Like I had been, she was embarrassed.  I mean, here she was a financial business person and no matter how much she learned, how much she tried, how many strategies she implemented, she could not find success.

When she came to me, she was deeply suspicious.  But her gut told her to try me – to trust me.  I told her about my own story, and how embarrassed I had felt when I had to integrate the intuitive world with the biz strategy.  She listened and laughed with me, knowing she was not alone.  And then she trusted me.

And I took her through a series of clearings and trainings that get intuitive people unstuck in business.

And it worked.

Actually, it pretty much always works.

And it’s the same dang sequence of clearings and trainings.

It’s kinda like I cracked the code of the main blocks intuitives need to clear in order to make moolah.

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