Spiritual intuitive types like me – we don’t just “get sick.”  Nope.  We have a “clearing” and we “process” deep unresolved stuff really really fast, and it LOOKS like the flu.

Disclaimer: Whether you believe this line of thought or not, I put it to you- it’s a super empowering and positive way to experience “being sick.”  But if you’re willing to check this perspective out, read on.  If you are simply too inflamed by the idea that an illness might have deeper reasons, a purpose, and a productive result, stop reading now.  The rest is just going to irritate you.  Secondary Disclaimer (yes, I am a former lawyer, thanks for asking): I don’t know if His Holiness the Dalai Lama would agree with me about the Spiritual Flu.  But I love this pic, and I am certain he would giggle about parts of this article.  Ok back to business…

I’m getting over the flu right now.  My head is still stuffy, and my cough sounds like a monster.  I’ve got enough energy to write this, but not much else.  I haven’t eaten anything solid in 3 days.  And I feel SO GRATEFUL for this process.

I’ve been supporting and teaching women who are experiencing an intuitive awakening for going on 15 years now.  And the Spiritual Flu is something that happens to just about all of us at some point.  It seems to be an effective (though not comfortable) way to release old fears and patterns, and to allow the body to upgrade to a higher intuitive frequency.  I’ve seen it last just 6 hours in someone who is well rested and resourced.  And if you went in exhausted, it can last weeks.  (Just another reason to take care of YOU first!)

Signs that you have the Spiritual Flu

You’re freaking intuitive, and at some point before it comes on, you get that feeling like… I’m going to get sick, and it’s all right.

It comes when you need time to integrate a big realization you just had, where you courageously chose to give up an old restrictive belief.

It nails you especially when you refuse to stop and take it easy when you first get tired.

It travels through different parts of your body to clear out that old thought pattern from every cell.

During the flu, you have memories pop up, chaotic thoughts related to the pattern you’re releasing.

You have strong emotions move through, causing you to burst into tears at times, even when you’re not THAT achy.

You likely have visions or feelings of helpers/angels/spirit guides holding ritual space for you while you release.

Somehow, purging (aka barfing) becomes a prayerful experience of surrender and gratitude.

Your body gets super sensitive and you KNOW what to eat, drink, imbibe… intuitively… to take care of yourself.

Help shows up miraculously to support you through the illness.

As you begin to feel more well, your mind is super clear (you can see what’s important)…

And your heart is super open (you feel sensitive and available).

Spontaneous prayer happens, especially as you are feeling better, feeling the clarity, feeling gratitude.

When it’s over, you feel like a new person, and your intuitive gift has an “Upgrade” that is obvious to you.  You’re not afraid of the old stuff anymore.

Stuff that helps if you have the Spiritual Flu:

Create sacred space to be “sick” in.  Imagine the sweat lodge.  This is your purification lodge.  Light a candle. INvite your guides in to protect and hold you while you do the work that’s in the hIghest good with this thing.

Treat your spirit guides like nurses – order them around!  Let them take care of you!

Drink good water with pink salt and lemon, or emergenC or some electrolyte thing of some kind.   Energy work takes even more of this than the “regular” flu.

Rest (duh).  If you need to take an Advil PM in the evening,  don’t worry about it – Don’t deny yourself a good night’s sleep, you hippie purist!  😉

Chilled Watermelon.  Ah.  Thanks mom!

Don’t eat if you don’t want to eat.  Trust your appetite.  Most healthy folks would do GREAT to fast on water for up to 30 days!  I know it sounds nutty in our all-you-can-eat culture, but if you give your digestive system a break, that’s 70% of your vital force that is usually put towards digestion that can now go towards clearing this gunk out

No open mouthed kissing.  (Sometimes I just need to be reminded.) 😉

Snuggle your pet.  Let them help.  And then later, be sure to clear them so they don’t carry your suffering around.

If you feel like puking, open up and GO for it.  Even if there’s “nothing” in there, the energy from your solar plexus region and your whole torso gets purged when you follow the instinct to vomit.  I like to nod “yes” when I’m letting it rip, even though it feels scary to vomit.  I want my body to have full permission to let it go!  And this is often the turning point of the illness!

Epsom Salt bath – I like it a couple times a day, even!  Put one pound of epsom salt and one pound (yes that much) of Baking Soda in a hot bath.  Get in there are breathe deep and pray.  This is your sweat lodge!

After the bath, get under covers and keep hot/warm to let it burn inside – as long as this feels right to you!

Use muscle testing on yourself to find out what your body needs, if it’s not clear to you already.


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