• Togetherness is important!
  • Connecting as a Group is Powerful
  • Being together on Sacred Land is essential

Hear me channeling YoniSpeak: The Voice of Mother Nature…

You can listen here to me channeling a powerful message about Togetherness.

(Download this powerful message here.) 

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Know what?
If you do it with a group, it’s easier.

I know you think a group just brings complication.  But that’s not true!

When you enter into it with good intention, and consciously weave your differences, everything is easier!!!


Let me tell you a little story.

A group gathers, with shifting eyes and shuffling feet, we plop down into chairs.  We are tired.  We are trying to be nice to each other.  Inside, we are exhausted.  We long for real connection.  We feel so ALONE, even among people.  Do you know this feeling?

Someone injects a moment of playfulness, and a nervous giggle runs through the group.

Is it safe to be myself here?


Someone else tells the truth.  She points to the elephant in the room…We are carrying around a bunch of crap we don’t need – fears, defenses.  We feel alone.  Yes.  Maybe this is not another BS circle where we compete to seem holy and pretty and smart….


And then we consciously weave the group together.  We acknowledge that each one of us is part of this whole.  Our individual fears, blocks, and longings are really just a reflection of what’s true for ALL of us.

And that’s when the magic begins.

Playfully, we reveal our fears, pretending to toss them with our arms into the middle of the circle.  As one person blurts out “Aarrgh!!! I’m afraid to look stupid!” while pantomiming tossing a heavy burden into the middle, others chime in “Yah, me too!” and toss their own versions in.  There’s a cacophony of our fears, worries, concerns, and we sound like kids on a playground, playfully revealing our true feelings.

Soon we are giggling, creating a huge imaginary pile of fears (silly fears, serious fears, young fears – all of it), and then we are cheering, laughing from our bellies, some weeping tears of release.  And we are doing it together.

We realize that we are ALL afraid of the same dang stuff. And Together, we can let it go! What a relief!


We sit in the silence now, and we feel the palpable connection created by sharing.  The circle is pulsing.  And suddenly, we can hear the trees rustling around us, the birds singing.  A hawk cries overhead.  We are present, awake, and alive – Together.

And we recognize that even a simple playful exercise like this, when done Together, with good intention, creates a powerful healing.  We don’t have to do it alone!

  • What took us so long to give ourselves this time?
  • Why didn’t we do this sooner?
  • How did we think it could be “useless” or a “waste of time” to come together like this?

Coming Together is the most efficient, most productive, and most service-oriented thing we can do.


To gather.


Women gathering together

I want to share a channeling I recently did for a small group on retreat.

It’s a 20 minute recording.  And it is potent, powerful, and it makes sense.

You can listen to this recording here.


After channeling this information, I knew I needed to hold space for more small group retreats.

Because small group retreats on Sacred Land are my deepest response to this Calling to be Together.

If you feel Called to be on retreat and make use of this group magic again, check out my upcoming Soul Gift retreats on the mountain.


Group retreat work, when properly held in integrity – skips you ahead!

Less work, less suffering, more shift – it’s like cheating!

Yes, It’s skipping ahead joyfully!  It’s letting others do your work for you!

It’s avoiding years of misery, because you’ve tapped into the collective honey pot!


So come on retreat and put yourself back together.

We used to all live in groups…


The truth is, up until a few hundred years ago and the industrial revolution, we all lived in groups.  We had to.  We lived in communities that shared resources, celebrated together, and constantly communicated.  We lived with extended families.  We grouped into villages where there was one of each trade, so we could all survive.

In the go-go busy-busy of our technology-driven post-industrial age, we forgot how to do this.  We glorify space, individuality, and then we end up feeling isolated – like we have to do EVERYthing ourselves…. because we do!

Yet the magic of the group can be tapped easily with the right set-up.


I hope you’ll consider joining us on a Soul Gift Retreat

because the magic that happens in 4 relaxed luxurious days together

is so much easier

is so much more fun

is so much more powerful

than doing it alone, struggling through life to learn the very same lessons.


Learn them the fast and easy way with a transformative group experience!