Visionaries – Time to Release the Lies/Myths/Excuses
Energetic Forecast
February 22March 8, 2016 

Today’s Eagle Full Moon in Virgo is pulling at you if you’re a Visionary, called to bring your unique gifts to the world in an impactful way.Today’s moon enhances your intentions and power to CLEAR the lies and myths and blocks that have been holding you back from making money by being YOU.

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And if you’ve been hiding behind one of the 3 Myths that keep most visionary entrepreneurs down, it’s time to stop buying your own crap! (I say this with great love, compassion, and a wink cause I fall prey to it too, sometimes!

Maybe you’re called to build a business around your special Gifts…
This is one of the clearest ways to really put your Gifts and your purpose in the fore-front of your life.

But to have success making money with your gifts, you will need to examine the Myths that are keeping you from moving easily into abundance.

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I made you this really cool worksheet that can launch you forward, with the help of this powerful moon, to release the lies that keep you down.

And even if you have gotten past these Myths yourself, you’ll recognize how many of our friends and colleagues are trapped by these 3 Lies!

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I hope you enjoy this powerful worksheet, and the clearing and freedom it can bring you!