What is the difference between Protesting and PRO-testing?

We are in the aftermath of the largest public PRO-test in this country, a Women’s March that took place on every continent on the planet, and involved over 4 million women, men, and children.

Why do I call it a PRO-test?  Because the spirit of the grassroots movement rising now is not one of strategic complaint, nit-picking critique, or violent overthrow.  This movement is based on free expression, not strategy.  It is more of a feminine rising force of passionate humorous courageous Truth – of speaking up, of being heard, of being seen as a Community.

Commonly, protesting is a form of grass-roots complaining, fighting what is happening, arguing against the prevailing views.  Often, it has strategy and demands.  That can be an effective model.  It’s a way of being heard, of creating change.  It’s perhaps a more analytical strategic masculine approach than the purely expressive march that happened this past week.

I witness a new form of movement rising, and to me it seems more feminine. The new movement is more of a testing, and expansion, and a positive expression with an overlay of kindness and humor.  We are testing the limits of our denial as a culture.  We are testing the resolve of our values.  We are testing the changes that are thrust upon us.  The movement is more about voicing the emotions and messages we need to express.

As an intelligent people, we are ripe and ready for new workable ways to do “conflict.”  We choose to embrace diversity of opinion, making room for many truths, while maintaining a common devotion to kindness and collaboration.

And right under our noses, the collaborative new model is rising.

Very few people seem to even notice, but I want to let you in on the secret that is revealed in the prophesies of many wisdom traditions around the globe, and is finally coming to fruition even now, right under our noses.  We are in times that have long been prophesied as times of radical change – whether it’s the East Indian traditions calling this the destructive Kali Yuga that comes before the age of enlightenment, or the Native American traditions who point to these as the transition into the rainbow times, or the uncertain times that precede the “great coming together.”

Wise ones on both sides of the planet point to the fact that the current conflict, chaos, and confusion is a prelude to finding a way of harmony and collaboration as the only remaining option.  And here we are.

Where “protesting” is often seen as negative, I see PRO-testing being inherently Positive, holding integrity and kindness, inclusion and collaboration. 

Many people feel shocked, disappointed, and even hopeless in these times of change.

And with the internet showing us all the things all over the world, it’s easy to feel powerless to “change the world.”

So we come back to a personal focus.  What CAN you change?  Let’s focus on our own part…

So what are you FOR?  What are you “Pro?”

And what long-held assumptions are you questioning and “testing?”


Positive questioning

Voting-pro for something new

Experimenting and testing the old assumed limits.

Friday’s New Moon happens in the sign of Aquarius – who is the biggest Professional Tester of limits, and the most fun and expansive evolutionary Rebel in the whole astro-world.

Plus, it’s the New Year Day for the Year of the Fire Cock…er…I mean Rooster.

(but after so many pussy hats this past week, I was honestly looking for a reason to balance it all out with a nice fiery, um, Rooster)

So you’ve got the rebellious Aquarius energy,

with a big fat manifesting creation-building new moon,

and a New Year rooster that is hardworking, trustworthy, and responsible.

What does it mean for you?

It means it’s the perfect week to clarify what you are PRO-testing.

My teachings are often responsive to the current times.  It’s part of my shamanic deal.

So I have an opportunity for you – a free gift – to help you right now to get clearer on your own form of PRO-test, your own purpose, and your own path forward – especially if you have chosen to base your business on your deep gifts – as an entrepreneur…

If you are an entrepreneur, or someone who WANTS to bring your deepest gifts to the world as a business, in the spirit of this sort of positive PRO-testing of the status quo, I’ve got a present for you.

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