I was taking a walk with my dad, and when he said it, I remember my belly swam with creepy tingles. It was a super strange sensation.  And I don’t know how else to describe it. It was one of those moments where you think “Could this really be happening to me? Is this still real life?  Or am I dreaming?”

What had he said?

He had said, “Honey, your mom and I are concerned about you with all this shamanic stuff.  You’ve changed so much, so fast. We are concerned that you might be experiencing a chemical imbalance.  It’s possible you may have “masked depression” which is when you are chemically depressed, but you appear like someone very happy.  There’s a blood test to see if you might have it. We want you to take a blood test, because perhaps there’s a medication that can help you.”

Creepy tingles.  Cold sweat. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day in a cheery suburb near the beach in San Diego.  

“Dad, do you mean you and mom are worried I might be crazy?”

“Well, your mom is worried you might need an exorcism….”

Even though this was my beloved dad – the guy who had originally taught me about mysticism, about going into nature to find God, and about always questioning reality….  I had a strange sensation that I was about to be tied to a stake and burned as a witch.

I think I laughed a nervous “are you freaking kidding me” kind of laugh.  But I was scared. And he was serious. He was worried about me. He was worried for my kids.  He had no frame of reference for my swift and strong intuitive awakening.

I hadn’t even tried to hide it from my folks.  To me the change had felt strange but natural inside myself.  Like a homecoming. A relief. But to the outer world, I had changed, and I was, well, weird!    I was suddenly talking to Spirit Guides. I was giving intuitive energy healing sessions that helped people feel better, even though I hadn’t trained in those arts.  I was drumming, and journeying, and then knowing things that I “shouldn’t” be able to know.

In short, I had (accidentally) become an open channel.

I had not studied HOW to do all this stuff.  It was flowing through me. And it was a big change.

Of course my folks would be concerned.

Of course they would go looking for answers among the world they knew.

Of course they wanted me to go back to “normal” for safety’s sake.


Because our culture doesn’t talk about this stuff enough.

Enough, I say.

Channeling is our birthright.  When we are open, working within our gifts, we do great things. Even kids.  And this is our natural state until our creative flow gets shut down, often in school or as a kid.

Channeling is our brilliance.  When you are doing what you do best, with the full support of your loving community, you do your best work.  You’re in the flow. That’s when you are most Genius.

Channeling is power.  No one person is powerful.  But that which flows through us in our best moments… that is Power.  And when we devote ourselves to the highest power – to doing only good in the world – then we tap the Power on High that we are all made from.  We tap the creator and creative power itself. We tap the Source of all Genius.

That’s why I call us Channels of Genius.

That’s why I’m devoted to reclaiming this word Channel… Channeling…

It’s not just a religious thing, or a woo thing, or an esoteric thing.

It’s natural.

“Make me a Channel of Your Peace.”

It’s what we ARE.  It’s what we need to become, to achieve our full potential.

And that’s why I’m devoted to reclaiming this word Genius…

It’s not a type of person.

It’s the Unique Brilliance that flows through ALL of us.

When we open.

When we align.

When we get the heck out of the way.

We Channel Genius.

My goal?

I empower leaders to activate as Channels of Genius.

If you are a creative leader, who is opening intuitively, who is noticing that your genius flows when you are open to BOTH sides of your mind – your intuitive side AND your intellectual side…

Then I’m here to help YOU.

I’m going to tell you more stories from this part of my life over the next week or so.

But I want you to know…

It has been almost 20 years since Dad and I took that walk together.

And now…

I’m working professionally as an Intuitive Strategist, bridging the worlds of business and intuition.

I’m paid thousands of dollars per hour by some of the world’s leading innovators in Silicon Valley and beyond to…

wait for it…

to Channel.


Because I’ve spent the last 20 years understanding what Channeling truly is.

I’ve helped thousands of people around the world claim their own gifts and abilities to Channel their Genius.

And when I open my Channel of Genius, I connect the wisdom of heaven and earth to give advice that makes people big money, that identifies future trends, and that Sees people so deeply that they come alive in their own Gifts.

And it’s not ME.

It’s the Genius that I’ve learned to allow to flow THROUGH me.

Because I’m a Channel.

And so are you.

Stay tuned.

More is coming.

And please,  please, keep Channeling Your Genius.



P.S.  My dad is now my biggest supporter.  He always was, actually. It took a few years for both of us to develop a common language to understand Channeling, and to understand my intuitive awakening.  He’s a proof-is-in-the-pudding person – like me. And when he saw how my life shifted over time, how I became more empowered, more confident, and more kind… how my kids and my home all improved over time with me holding my power… how many people I was able to help and heal and empower through my work… he knew the pudding was good, and he embraced me in all of it.  Explaining all of this inner process to my Dad was one of the ways I developed my new Channel Your Genius system and program. It’s time for this culture to develop new language, new systems, and new understanding of these things. And that’s why I do what I do. So I want to thank my dad, the retired Judge, the Christian mystic, the brilliant channel of wisdom, for testing me and supporting me through ALL of this life, in all the ways he knew how.