The biggest question I get from entrepreneurs is

Where do I go to find new clients?

I’ve got the answer for you.  I’ll give you three big secrets here, and then I’ll invite you to join me Wednesday if you want to go deeper – with a healing, clearing and intensive learning on this topic!
We don’t like pushy salesy yucky talk.
If you know where to talk to your peeps, it can be easy peasy to get new clients.

You know there are  people who really NEED what you have to offer, and are just *waiting* to know about you.   Right?

So where the heck are they?

Never fear.  There is a method to finding your tribe.  And it’s not even hard.

Here are a few little secrets, and on Wednesday, I’m offering a deeper dive class on this topic so you can go put yourself where your clients are!


Secret #1:  Be amongst them.

When you’re amongst them, in the right places, they will ask YOU if they can work with you.  I know you don’t like to be pushy or have to convince anyone.  That’s why I like to help you land your niche and know how to describe what you do with the magic words that people will immediately understand and value.  The next step is to get your pretty little butt amongst them, and to simply be you, without hiding what you do!

#1 Mistake with Secret #1 – to not show up fully in the places…. to lurk silently in the FB group, or to simply put up an ad, for example.  Or to go to the meet up group and “just listen.” Or to sit in your house and wonder where your clients are. 😉

Secret #2:  Go where ELSE they go.

If you help middle aged women who are gluten free, don’t just go to the gluten free meet up.  Also consider where else they are likely going… Yoga meet ups?  Women’s spiritual groups? Aestheticians?  Jazzercise (my fave exercise BTW)?

Now, there is a science to this and a process that I’ll share Wednesday when we have more time.  But the more you can picture your ideal client’s life holistically, the more you will know where she is spending her time.

Secret #3: Mine Social Media for Clues

It’s great to go look for your people in Facebook groups and stuff, where you can join in a community, offer your support and generosity, and find new connections that might be clients (without just posting ads – that’s rude and boring).

But really – social media is not just for connecting. It’s also about researching.  Spend time in the Facebook group for “gluten free women” if that’s your niche.  But don’t just sell yourself there.  Learn about your people.  Listen to what other struggles, programs, and desires are on their minds.  Let them show you where they spend their energy and time.  If you’ve taken my Soul Gift Quiz, this is the gift of the Researcher.  So find your inner Researcher, and go to school on your peeps.  Like Sherlock, you can understand them better to really find them.

I have more specific direction for this too that I’ll share on Wednesday.

I know this may sound like “more work” but honestly, this is the work that really pays off.  Because once you know where your peeps are, you don’t have to “Sell” anymore.  You just hang out with them and honestly share what you do best.  And BAM.  They come to you, grateful that you exist, and excited to pay you what your sacred work is worth.

I hope you will join me on Wednesday for a little one-hour intensive on this topic.

Where to Find your Ideal Clients

A one-hour LIVE online class, healing, and transmission
with Mellissa Seaman
Wednesday Nov 9, 2016 – 1:00PM-2:00PM PST (and you’ll get the recording)

You know that your tribe is waiting for you. 
This one hour intensive is both a class and a clearing, a transmission and a rite of passage. 

It’s time to open yourself to your people, and to let yourself be more effortlessly supported in your sacred work! What you learn and receive in this class can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and months if not years of wasted time looking in all the wrong places.  And all you gotta invest is one hour and $30 (instead of $750 to work privately with me for an hour! – so you’re saving $720! 😉

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