Hey You,

I know something about you.

You’re wise.

And I don’t “just” mean a wise ass. 😉  Although thank Goddess, you’ve got a sense of humor about this whole wisdom-keeper thing, too!

I mean you’ve been given a Message to share with the world!

So let’s activate your voice! 

Now, I know it can be scary to consider really speaking up…

It can be intimidating to stand and speak what you know is True.

I know.

You don’t want to be anyone’s Guru.

You don’t want to be put on a pedestal.

You don’t want to become one of those know-it-all irritating arrogant experts.

Yet your Calling…

It wakes you up in the night sometimes.

It tugs at your heart, Calling you to your purpose.

It won’t let you rest on your pretty little laurels!

Because it’s time…

The world’s changing fast, and we need your wisdom NOW.

Join me tomorrow live at 12:00PM PST and let’s activate your power as a prophet.


You know it’s time to become profitable, even as the prophet you are.


Making money any other way is going to leave you empty.

Your throat is literally itching to open, to speak, to teach, to roar the Truth into the world.

You need to make good money doing it – so you can RELAX and focus on what you’re really here to do.

You may think that to be a Prophet you have to wander alone in the desert, eating bugs.

Well, if you do, no one is going to hear your Message.

So that’s not going to work anymore.

You may think that to be a Prophet you have to be a big important person.


Even the prophets in the holy scriptures (read the stories, Dude) were reluctant heroes.  They responded to a Calling.  They didn’t feel worthy or prepared.  They often didn’t even know how to do it.  But they stepped up.  They answered the Call.  And the Big Guy was right there supporting them every step of the way.

In this modern day and age, we need plenty of prophets, speaking the truth from a grounded place of heart and integrity. 

We need the prophets all hanging out together and collaborating to discover what’s True.

We need those prophets (you included, Cutiepants) plugged in to Source, fully embodied in real life and a healthy body, and ready to broadcast Truth worldwide using the internet and all the other tools we have at the ready.

And I’m a stand for you to step up as a Profitable Prophet you are meant to be. 

So join us tomorrowTuesday, for a Live Broadcast online where I’ll show you the first steps towards activating yourself as a Profitable Prophet in this world.

And I’ll invite you, also, to come on retreat with me in October, if you want to really open your throat and find your True Message.

I give a lot away on my Tuesday Broadcasts because I want you to know your power, activate your Gift, and share it with the world.  We need you.