Mellissa Seaman with UmbrellaDid you have an imaginary friend when you were little?

Or maybe you know you have a whole team of invisible friends even now!

Maybe you don’t even realize that you do…

Do you talk and mutter to yourself often?

Do you speak out loud in the the fourth tense, using what seems like the Royal “We?” —  “Is this really what We are doing today?”  “We are going to run this light, apparently!” “Did we just say that!?”

If so, you are aware, on some level, that you are never alone.

You know that you have something like a council or team of invisible support.

So why are you working so hard on your own?

Do you want to put your invisible team to work – to increase love, money, fun, opportunity – in your life?

It’s time to re-connect with your imaginary friends, and let them do what they’re designed for – to help you!

Yep.  You’re being followed. 😉

Maybe you call them angels, or guides, or Saints, or leprechauns, or sock fairies… Holy Moly.  It doesn’t really matter WHAT we call these helpers!  They are just so darn real.   They feel loving, and they help us.  We know because we experience them.

It’s not really a logic thing.  It just is.  And it works.

What if you could really feel the support and love of your invisible team all the time?

What if you could put them to work, helping you with more than just finding parking places and your lost keys?

What if you could really collaborate with the highest power in the highest good by directly relating with your “imaginary friends?”

I’m telling you, many children already know this secret.

It’s unfortunate that our logic-worshipping culture beats their imaginary friends out of them when they are still so little.

We make them go it alone.

You don’t have to go it alone anymore.  I’d love to help you reconnect with your team.

It’s only our post-industrial culture, in the past few hundred years, that poo-poo’s this practice.  In fact, check out my Tlish Diyan teacher Maria Yraceburu’s culture.  She says,

“In my family, living on the land on the reservation growing up, if you WEREN’T hearing voices by the time you were 10, we were seriously worried about you!”

Her culture knows the importance of connecting with and listening to the wisdom represented by our guides or “imaginary” friends.

This doesn’t mean you just do whatever your imaginary friends say.  Geez.  Far from it.

But why are we ignoring such a valuable source of support and wisdom?

Why not listen to your council, which is so obviously coming in the highest good, which always causes GOOD things to happen…  and take those messages into account?

What, do you think human beings are so much more trustworthy? 😉

Do you fear that you’ll just fall into some kind of trance and be controlled by scary spirits or something?

Gimme a break.

You can feel the difference between creepy people and people who are full of light and love.

It’s the same dang thing with invisible energies too.

We’re not talking about conjuring up some creepy spooky somethings.

We’re talking about the loving supportive energies that are always with us, naturally.

We’re talking about the “imaginary friends” that a child trusts and loves.

We’re talking about your Angels.

So please don’t decide this culture is right.  Don’t commit yourself to going it alone. 

Don’t decide that all invisible divine energies of loving kindness are unsafe.  Because when you do that, you are blocking out one of your Soul’s greatest gifts for you.

Yep.  Those imaginary friends of yours weren’t “just” imaginary… now, they are your staff, your team, and your biggest fans!

Let’s introduce y’all to each other again, and let these natural helpers support us to do what’s in the highest good for our families, our careers, our spiritual lives, and our unique Soul’s calling in this world.

I’d love to help you do just that.

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