Where is your Soul most at Home?

We tend to think about where we want to live, how we want to decorate, maybe even what car we drive… But even deeper than that – where does your Soul feel most at home?

When you picture the most peaceful amazing place – your happy place – where are you?

If you’re like me, you feel your soul self in nature.

And here’s what makes a place extra special to me:

  1. Trees and critters
  2. Clean air and water
  3. Breathtaking views
  4. A sacred vibe – from a sacred history.
  5. Time to chill and experience it all.

So here are my top 5 favorite sacred spots (so far!)…

anegadabeach1. Caribbean – specifically Anegada in the British Virgin Islands.  There, I feel a part of my ancestry that is sacred to me, along with the pure rugged beauty and the truly honest loving spirit of the place and the people.  The water is warm  – reminding me of re-entering the womb.  And the sand is course and full of shells.  I am my mermaid self there.  And I feel the ancestors nudging me forward on my path, filling me with the courage and determination, as well as the faith and acceptance, that keep us all going, doing what we feel is right.

2. Palomar Mountain – specifically the land where I lead retreats regularly!  That was the mountaintop where I “woke up.”  After my second birth accidentally turned me psychic, I ran to this mountain, built a medicine wheel, and prayed in it.  There, my soul reminded me how to walk in both worlds, how to include spirit in my inner conversations, and how to be magical while also making sense.  The ancient cedars on that mountain watched me grow into a spirit woman of conscience.  The water from the well there nourishes me so deeply.  And the multitude of stars in the sky remind me that I am never – and will never be – alone.

Here check out this gorgeous video I made about that land. 

And yes, you can join me on that land – Check out my Retreats here! :))

3. Avalon Springs/Harbin Hot Springs – these two go together for me, because I lived at both simultaneously for 7 years, and they both have the hot springs, the water, and the community I adore.  Living close to the land, eating from the gardens, and being naked (or close to it) in the sunshine and water a lot – well, it was pretty much Garden of Eden!  Avalon represents my own “lost island” as I always expected to be stewarding that land for the rest of my life… but life (and the economic collapse) shifted everything, and Avalon released me to other paths and other lands.  Yet my memories of those years and that place live in me.  She was the first and only land I ever felt “mated” to… but I imagine she won’t be the last.

4. Trout Creek, Montana – This is a new love – a place of pristine beauty and untouched wildness.  Its hard to say what I loved more – the gorgeous brightly colored postcard mountain beauty, or the people who I spent time with there.  It had been years since I felt community that was so aligned with me in creative spirit, intelligent discourse, and pure sacred silly joy.  Whew.  Yes sometimes it is the people, as much as the place, that make it sacred to me.  But suffice to say I’m going back to Trout Creek.  Even alone, I know it is a special portal for me to touch God.

IMG_13095. Big Sur, California – While this place is so sacred for so many, it took years for me to let that coastline seduce me.  And he didn’t do it alone.  Nope.  I fell in love with Big Sur while I was falling in love with Scott Sargeant.  That land is sacred to our partnership, and to the spirit of our love that brought us together and has fostered our relationship over the past year and a half.  Romantic, exuberant, gorgeous, rich, sensual, and always full of surprises – that is Big Sur.  And that is my love.  Bigger than life.  Sacred land.  Sacred Love.  They go together.  Thank you forever Big Sur!

I’d love to hear what is your sacred place…