I’m currently relaxing on the Big Island of Hawaii, and here, new land is created every day.  That’s because the living active volcano, Kīlauea, is continuously flowing, and the hot lava that pours out of her eventually hardens into new land.  That’s pretty dang creative, I’d say.

Are you creative like a volcano?  Let’s find out…

  1. Have you ever had days, even weeks, where you were continuously flowing with ideas?
  2. Have you ever had an intense “eruption” of creative genius?
  3. Do you feel like a vessel sometimes, as if your great ideas are not really “yours” but rather some emergent movement of wisdom that rises up your center and (sometimes accidentally) out of your mouth?

I can really relate with this, even as I stand on the living volcano on Hawaii.

But some people want to OWN and claim “Genius” as their own.  They think they ARE a “Genius” all on their own.  Hm.  I don’t buy it.  It’s usually the person who claims they are a Genius, who are actually kinda closed to the true source of their own Genius.

As anyone who’s experienced genius flowing through them knows, Genius is not something you “are” but rather something you channel.  Like a volcano channels new-land-making hot lava.

Some creative smart folk avoid claiming and expressing their Genius, though.  Because they feel to be Genius would be too arrogant – too big – too presumptuous somehow.  

But we need GENIUS in the world now.  And we need to be talking about it.

Please don’t deny your Genius power, just cause you don’t want to be arrogant.  Don’t hide.  Don’t play small. We need you to channel your genius, please.

Hey, if we are all Channels of Genius – volcanoes that erupt our genius, and flow it through us into the world… we owe it to future generations to open that flow, and let it out! 

We should not hide in some kind of fearful humility, nor should we get big heads thinking we are the original source of our ideas. 

We can open. 

We can allow. 

We can relax and be the channels we are for this molten genius to flow through – powerful, righteous, and alchemically creating never-before-seen lands.

You don’t have to BE a genius.  You can be a volcano that births Genius.  Way more fun.

Want to learn some tricks to be a Channel of Genius?  Come on over and join the Channel your Genius Experiment group on FB, and I’ll give you a weekly experiment to play in your  own life to become more and more of a volcano of creativity, power, and prosperity.  BOOM!

Aloha from the Big Island,


P.S. This culture keeps teaching you to be more like a puffed-up arrogant self-proclaimed genius, and less like a volcano (a true channel of genius).  But these weekly experiments can make sure you stay OPEN to your own creative lava juice.  Don’t miss one more week. We are already a couple weeks into these 50 weeks of experiments!