Hard-core Balance

Full Moon in Libra with Lunar Eclipse,

March 22 – April 7, 2016


Here we sit, on the balance point of the Spring Equinox, where the day last just as long as the night.


And the theme is Balance.


But this is no mamby-pamby Hallmark wish for Balance. This is some Hard-core Balance, and we need it now.

The poor are getting poorer while the rich are getting richer.

How do we balance, so we can connect?


The natural world is suffering the pollution of the rapidly increasing populations.

How do we balance, so we can survive?


Temples are still being destroyed with hate, while too-zealous religious are blowing each other up In the name of G-d.

How do we balance, so we can hold sacred what is sacred?


full moonThis moon is strong. This time is strong.

The day and night are balanced today.

Libra represents the balance, the relationship, and this is her moon.

And since it is a full moon, we are called to release what no longer serves us.


What is keeping you from living your Balance?

This is a great time to make a list, and intend these things to release, as the moon grows smaller again.


As for me, I sit here under a balmy almost-full moon in Bali, listening to the sound of the lapping ocean, relishing the fragrant night, while I “liberate” mosquitos with my clapping hands.


This holiday has been long in coming. It has helped me rest deeply, take a step back, and re-calibrate for what’s next. And, it has confronted me, as any good trip to another country does, I think, with the injustices and imbalances that we are creating as a global human family.


Let’s be honest. While I sit drinking coconut milk, and lounging in my salt water pool, the healer who gave me massage today lives nearby, doing her laundry in the polluted river. Her kids are just as important as mine. Her gift for healing touch is profound. But she lives without the resources I was born into. And this island, though still a virtual paradise in many ways, is littered with a multitude of plastic bottles and bags that tourism and just plain modern living seem to exude. What the heck? That’s not fair. It’s not balanced.


Sometimes the longing for Balance is so big, I go numb to avoid it.

Sometimes the evidence of imbalance is so much, I avert my eyes in overwhelm.

Sometimes the moon pulls on my heart, and starts me crying, grieving for our lost way… Are we too far down a destructive road to find balance?


I don’t have the answers.

But I’m glad I’m still asking the questions.


And I’m actually glad I spend some of my “vacation” crying for the world, for the ocean, for the economic injustice that seems to be growing with the populations. I say my prayers, do my magic, and connect.


And where I find the little signs of balance… I celebrate.

A spontaneous silly dance with the housemaid on the resort path – we are suddenly giggling sisters.

Receiving blessings of holy water from the toothlessly grinning, sparkling eyed, ancient ageless priestess in the temple.

The local young men using a net to clean plastic out of the bay after a big storm.


This moon may rock your world too.

But the fact that it is the Condor Moon gives some promise…


Prophesies of many indigenous people have long pointed to these difficult years as a turning point… A time when things get BAD but we finally wake up and begin the long slow work to turn our global culture towards balance.


So I envision the Condor, soaring high. And I surrender to a large plan I cannot see.


And I keep celebrating Balance where I find it, creating Balance where I can, and feeling and fighting the imbalances too. I bet you do too. We’re not perfect, but we can keep trying.


And we can utilize this Lunar Eclipse to release imbalances in relationship and connection that we no longer want to carry. We can use this moon, and this energy, to turn the tide in some way in our own lives. And that’s pretty darn cool.

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