Seriously?  Did all that happen this year?

That’s what I kept asking myself as I looked back and realized just how MUCH has really happened in the past 12 months!

It’s the New Moon in Sagittarius and it’s time to finish looking backwards and instead look forward to next year.


Your Story in 2015: A Sob Story and Victory Dance

So I’m going to share some personal stuff about my own year review, and model for you how to allow the Sob Story, but to be sure to do your Victory Dance.


My year-end review is what my Apache mama calls Counting Coup – harvesting the good and the badin other words, harvesting the wisdom of 2015.

It’s easy to rush on without stopping to take stock.  Maybe things happened this year that you’d rather not remember. Trust me, I get it.  I had some really hard things this year.


My Sob Story

I could easily tell you my own version of the year-end sob story, in my drama languaging.  A group of my students ambushed me and co-opted my work.  I had my first ever client-threatening-to-frivolously-sue episode.  One of my oldest friends betrayed me, badmouthed me, and turned some of my other oldest friends against me.  My cherished sanctuary and former home of 7 years, Harbin Hot Springs, burned to the ground along with my biggest lost-dream-failure, Avalon Springs, just down the road.  And worst of all – my beloved mom died much too soon.   Yah, 2015 gave me some tough throws.


My Victory Dance

I could just as easily tell you my Victory Dance version of the story.  I just about doubled my income again and paid off almost all debt. God showed me who my real friends are, so I can relax into trusted friendships and release completed ones.

God showed me where to focus my work, so I could help self-starting creative geniuses help solve the world’s problems.  I am now coaching more world-class top-of-their-industry creative professionals than I can count on one hand, and that part of my practice is full.  I continue to develop the Soul Gift Quiz and Soul Gift Academy to help intuitively gifted folks to work with their Gifts, not against them.  I’m having a blast with my work.

I’m more supported than ever. I have the most romantic, hunky, Olympic boyfriend on the planet, Scott Sargeant.  I’ve got the team of my dreams – Jaime and Elaine are TeamMellissa, and we work together, often at my house, where we giggle and create brilliant stuff collaboratively.  With their help, and with Scott’s help too, I’ve written my first e-books, created my first six-month-long online program, Soul Gift Business School, and it is the best dang e-program I’ve ever seen. My clients are loving the work I get to share with them and they’re getting awesome results!

I got the honor of spending precious time with my mom as she peacefully and consciously crossed into higher realms.  And because I’m so psychic, and she such a huge wisdom spirit now, Mom and I are closer than ever – we talk all the time.  And I’m in close touch with my amazing family.  I’m managing our family properties as well, so I get lots of biz and fun time with my dad and my brother. My son is turning 18 with a stellar academic record and incredible Broadway-ready performance talents, and he’s applied to some amazing universities for next year.  And my daughter Clarise is such a beauty and a joy, a brilliant artist, and totally loving her first year of high school, where she plays in the marching band, draws anime, and is studying theatre lighting.  It seems she has really landed in herself this year.  Wow!  What an amazing year!


How can a year be so hard, and so amazing, all at once?  Dude.  Life.

For me, 2015 was one messy, mucky, miraculous year!

So what was your 2015 like?  Your Sob Story?  Your Victory Dance?

And how are you going to leverage what you learn from reviewing 2015 to make a great 2016?

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