How To Meet Your Spirit Guides

Want to Meet Your Spirit Guides?

Dude, It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Even a Stanford-educated former lawyer like myself can get into connecting with Spirit Guides when I realize just how well it WORKS!  Here are some benefits to connecting with your Spirit Guides, as I see it…

* It’s like having an invisible team you don’t have to pay, who work 24/7 for the rest of your life – for YOU!

* It’s a non-religious yet deeply spiritual thing that exists in almost every wisdom tradition, and even fits alongside of many traditional religions (call em Angels, Saints, Genii if you’d like)

* It makes it easier to talk to God if you imagine different personalities with different specialties – cause the human brain is limited, People!

* When you put your Guides to work on something, it’s running in the background while you can work on other stuff.

* Surrendering to a higher power is a fantastic stress-reliever.

* You get parking spaces a lot easier.  Test this. It works.

* It’s a sneaky way of getting yourself to “pray” – that is, to connect directly to Spirit/Creator and have a conversation!

Anyway, engaging with Spirit Guides is also just fun.

3 Most Important Tips about Spirit Guides

So I’m going to share the 3 most important tips I think you need to know to connect directly with your Spirit Guides without making it hard or boring. 😉

1.  Invisible Friends – Remember when you were a kid, and you had invisible friends you played with?  Do that.  Imagine your Guide, as a benevolent wise friend.  And talk to your Guide.  And imagine what your Guide would say.  That’s it.  Don’t make this hard.  Just do it.

2. The Good Guys – As you imagine/connect with your Guides, set your powerful intention to ONLY connect with the Good Guys- that is, the energies that are in alignment with the Highest Good.  That way, you don’t have to worry about calling in energies that are troublemakers.  It’s like when you throw a party – you invite who you WANT to talk to. You don’t just throw open the front door to the world and yell “Free Booze!”

3. You’re the Boss – Your Spirit Guides are wise, powerful, and have a big vision view.  That’s cool.  But because YOU’re the one in the body, making the choices, you get to have the final word.  So ask their advice, listen to it, and then do what your intellect and intuition agree you should do.  Don’t use Guides as a cop-out.  Don’t give your responsibility away.  That said, your Spirit Guides’ ability to help you is limited only by your limiting beliefs.  So set your intention, call them in, and put them to work!

Want me to give you some specific training and exercises to do to connect with your Guides – all without charging you any cash?  Okeedokie.

Join my Genius Experiment group here today, and it’s my gift to you.

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Pleasure Deficit Syndrome

There’s a big fat lie afoot, and it’s crippling creative genius people everywhere!

The lie says that real geniuses work hard.
It says they put their noses to the grindstone (ouch!).
It says they burn the midnight oil.
It says they suffer for their work.
It says that great writers are depressed alcoholics,
and great artists are suicidal nut-jobs,
and the most ingenious innovators are hard-driving narcissists.


Cause it’s just not true.

I have the honor and privilege of knowing some true channels of genius. Some are tech creative company founders. Some are incredibly innovative moms and women leaders. Some are spiritual teachers and clergy.

What do they have in common?
They freakin’ enjoy life.
They don’t do stuff unless it’s fun.

Yes, they are always doing stuff, creating things, and moving their desires forward pragmatically.
But they don’t overwork. They don’t push until steam is pouring out of their ears like in the cartoons.

In fact, they spend a lot of time in leisure, in rest, and in inspiring activities. In pleasure.

Look around. Those who are running like they’re in a hamster wheel are going nowhere (much like said hamster).

Think about it. Remember the last time you had a truly inspired idea? I bet it was in a moment of pleasure – in the shower, looking at a gorgeous view, or dare I say in the boudoir?

So let’s call a spade a spade.

Grumpy, exhausted, worn-out people are not open channels for the best ideas.

It actually ticks me off when I think about the creative genius folk I know, and how so many are overworked, underpaid, and totally burned out. What a freakin’ waste.
And it’s epidemic. So I’m giving it a disease epidemic kinda name.

Pleasure Deficit Syndrome.

Hell, there’s even evidence for this.

• In a 2014 Kaufmann study, 72% of respondents around the world reported having insights and ideas whilst in the shower.
• A UC Santa Barbara 2012 study found evidence that people who daydream more frequently are generally more creative.
• American Psychological Association found that Stress is bad for creativity.

In other words, relaxing while daydreaming under a hot shower is the best thing you can do for your creative business.

Seriously. Stop being so serious. It’s bad for biz.

Pleasure lights up the creative centers. Pleasure releases creativity-enhancing hormones. Pleasure is relaxing, and therefore opens the way for your creative flow.

In coaching thousands of people for 20 years in how to step up into their intuitive creative gifts while making more impact, more money, and having more fun, I gotta say I have seen increases in pleasure in life have more impact on a person’s health and success than perhaps any other factor.

And I have learned that, as an entrepreneur or business founder, unless your business is FUN and pleasurable to you, you’ll fail. Why? Pleasure Deficit Syndrome kills… ideas.

If you want to increase your pleasure quotient while increasing your intuitive power while increasing your impact, purpose, and prosperity, you may be a good fit for my Channel Your Genius Academy.

Keep your channel wide open so you can co-create with the big boss, and make EVERYthing a lot freakin easier.

See if you’re a fit for the Channel Your Genius Academy with me – you’re invited!

You’re a Volcano of Genius

I’m currently relaxing on the Big Island of Hawaii, and here, new land is created every day.  That’s because the living active volcano, Kīlauea, is continuously flowing, and the hot lava that pours out of her eventually hardens into new land.  That’s pretty dang creative, I’d say.

Are you creative like a volcano?  Let’s find out…

  1. Have you ever had days, even weeks, where you were continuously flowing with ideas?
  2. Have you ever had an intense “eruption” of creative genius?
  3. Do you feel like a vessel sometimes, as if your great ideas are not really “yours” but rather some emergent movement of wisdom that rises up your center and (sometimes accidentally) out of your mouth?

I can really relate with this, even as I stand on the living volcano on Hawaii.

But some people want to OWN and claim “Genius” as their own.  They think they ARE a “Genius” all on their own.  Hm.  I don’t buy it.  It’s usually the person who claims they are a Genius, who are actually kinda closed to the true source of their own Genius.

As anyone who’s experienced genius flowing through them knows, Genius is not something you “are” but rather something you channel.  Like a volcano channels new-land-making hot lava.

Some creative smart folk avoid claiming and expressing their Genius, though.  Because they feel to be Genius would be too arrogant – too big – too presumptuous somehow.  

But we need GENIUS in the world now.  And we need to be talking about it.

Please don’t deny your Genius power, just cause you don’t want to be arrogant.  Don’t hide.  Don’t play small. We need you to channel your genius, please.

Hey, if we are all Channels of Genius – volcanoes that erupt our genius, and flow it through us into the world… we owe it to future generations to open that flow, and let it out! 

We should not hide in some kind of fearful humility, nor should we get big heads thinking we are the original source of our ideas. 

We can open. 

We can allow. 

We can relax and be the channels we are for this molten genius to flow through – powerful, righteous, and alchemically creating never-before-seen lands.

You don’t have to BE a genius.  You can be a volcano that births Genius.  Way more fun.

Want to learn some tricks to be a Channel of Genius?  Come on over and join the Channel your Genius Experiment group on FB, and I’ll give you a weekly experiment to play in your  own life to become more and more of a volcano of creativity, power, and prosperity.  BOOM!

Aloha from the Big Island,


P.S. This culture keeps teaching you to be more like a puffed-up arrogant self-proclaimed genius, and less like a volcano (a true channel of genius).  But these weekly experiments can make sure you stay OPEN to your own creative lava juice.  Don’t miss one more week. We are already a couple weeks into these 50 weeks of experiments!

5 Empath Qualities for New Paradigm Marketing

Here’s the thing.  Trust is at an all time low.  Skepticism is high.  Cynicism is high.

Email open rates are cut in half.  Cause are overwhelmed with emails.  And we are bored with email “broadcasts” that are not really connecting with us.  We’re sick of being tricked, manipulated, and used by marketing.

Yet we still want and need to send messages to make offers, to show value, and to authentically share our work with the world.

We still need “marketing.”  We just need it in a different form.  A new form.

So what IS new and true and happening?

What still WORKS?

Here are 5 Key Qualities that marketing needs in these new times.

And guess what?  Empaths, creatives, and sensitive folk are really GOOD at this stuff!

1. Responsiveness

When I send out an email to my tribe, and someone hits “Reply” to that email, I answer them personally.  And they are always shocked.

I’m not surprised!  Most emails go out as one-way communications – impersonal, bland, and pushy.

We are all starving for a measure of responsiveness.

What can you do to create this responsiveness?

How about answering emails?  Addressing concerns?

You could literally ask people to “hit reply” and let you know what they need/want/wonder.

And, since email is so rarely responsive anymore, you may just have to pick up the phone, or try Facebook messaging, or text… or any dang way you can actually be responsive!

Hey, as a sensitive empathic type, you likely want and even NEED to converse with your tribe.  You don’t want to feel like a guru on a hill speaking into empty space.  So offer responsiveness and it’ll be a win-win for you and your peeps!

2. Specialization/Segmentation

We’re all sick of the one-size-fits-all solutions.  We want a specialized solution.  We want to feel special cause we ARE special.

I love my Soul Gift Quiz because when I know someone’s Soul Gift, I can relate with them as a gifted unique person.  Some people call this “segmentation” but it sure feels more like connection than separation!

Also, I’m a big fan of very specialized expertise.  I help people to define their unique expertise, their particular offerings, and their special business strategy that fits them to a T.  That’s because when you can be specific, and you know who exactly you’re here to help, communicating gets personal, deep, and meaningful.  Till then, you just sound like every other helper/leader/coach.  Blah.

Empaths often resist getting specific.  Cause they want to help EVERYone.  But once they do specialize, they find themselves so much more energized and inspired by their work, because it becomes personal connection – and that’s what we empaths do best!

3.  Experience

My primary coach is Marisa Murgatroyd.  I’m honored to be in a very small group of professionals that she personally guides.  And she teaches about “Experiencifying” your products.  Why?  Because experience is the only way to learn.  It’s the only way to keep people engaged.  And I totally agree.

So beyond preaching at your peeps, what experience can you invite them into?

This year (2018) I’m inviting people (including you if you wanna) into my free Genius Experiments Game – where once a week, participants get a new 5-minute experiment to try in their real life to open their channel to Genius.  It’s growing like gangbusters, and people are already reporting great results from the experiments.  Fun for me!  Fun for them!  And I give out prizes to make it extra juicy!  (You can join the Experiment game at no cost here)

We sensitives light up when we can PLAY – and we feel everything, so why not create things you can feel and experience with your tribe!

4. Purity

Be one of the good guys.

It seems good guys are few and far between in the land of marketing.  Or at least it seems that way! Most marketing messages sound kinda  pushy and rude.  Greedy.  Needy.  Even mean.

So how can you emanate the purity of your own intentions, your desire to serve, and your devotion to the Highest Good above all else?

First, you can devote yourself to the Highest Good above all else. (for reals)

Secondly, you can invoke the Invisible Team that guides you to keep you honest and on track, and to support you with miracles that benefit the goals of the higher team (and therefore your purpose)

Thirdly, you can speak with confidence and kindness, coming from this place of your devotion to serve.

Fourthly, you can create your work as something bigger – get in touch with the Movement that you are truly creating for the benefit of the world.

This is some deep stuff.  It’s devotional.  It’s magical.  And we go into it with attunements and clearings and deep sharing and pragmatic coaching in my Channel Your Genius Academy.  That’s where people get direct coaching with me, and full participation in my livestream experiences. 

Check out my Academy here – it’s less than $200/month to get my deep stuff.  Totes worth it.

Empaths need community.  You need support.  And you can find it for less than a fancy cell phone bill with me this year.  So check that out.

5. Nudity

Ooh I got your attention right?  hehe

What I mean by Nudity is this.  Take off the masks.  Take off the costumes.  Peel back that “professional voice” and get real.

We are all sick of fakey fakers.  We can see right through them.

We long for the realsy authentic peeps.  We can FEEL them.

I’m gonna keep getting naked for you people this year.  More and more.  Get ready.

How are you gonna get naked, pure, experiencified, specializing, and responsive this year?  Please comment below with one of your commitments to new paradigm marketing this year.  I want to learn from you too!

Energy Forecast for 2018 – Transition Time in Birthing a New World

What will 2018 really be like – particularly for creative innovators, thought leaders, and visionaries?  Put your seatbelt on… we are in the most intense part of this new paradigm birthing process… here are Mellissa’s predictions about 2018.

This video speaks for itself.

But any woman who’s given birth (and every man or woman who has witnessed a natural birth) knows what “Transition” truly is…

that moment of intensity that feels impossible to bear

that surge of passionate rage and emotion that opens the gate of creation

that moment where you kinda wanna kill everyone, but instead birth a new life

Well, that’s 2018.  Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Let me know how this lands for you in the comments below.

And if you want my help getting through 2018 week by week, with fun free experiments to channel your genius, join the Genius Experiment here (

Three Website Copy Mistakes That Drive Your Clients Away

Attention creative intuitive amazing entrepreneurs…


Stop making websites with copy (words) that drive your best clients away.

Here’s how.

1. CLARITY – Show the Value of your work clearly as a SYSTEM, using Magic Words.

  • If you have confusing words on your site, people will BOUNCE.
  • If you keep it all too general, people will SNOOZE.
  • If you make it about you, people will FLEE.

Most Home Pages (even of really smart gifted people) don’t make any dang sense.

Or they’re too general, and all about the entrepreneur, and not about the CLEAR benefit of their services.

Here’s an example.

Madeleine Silva is a business genius.  But her website was not getting any traction.

And cause she’s awesome, she’s letting me share with you about it’s transformation.

So you can learn from it too.

Before we fixed her home page copy, it said this:

Madeleine’s old copy:
“You’re an expert at your trade but you struggle with the business side of things. You’re not sure if you’re spending your time on the right things to make the most impact in your business. You feel overwhelmed and maxed out working long hours in your business. And even though you built a successful business you’re still not living the full potential of your entrepreneurial vision. You often times feel alone trying to figure it all out and you wish you had someone who could help you make running your business easier.

This is why you need Freedom Switch! “

Ok.  Um. 

The first part sounds kinda general, right? 

Obviously she’s some kind of business helper coach, we guess.

But then it ends with a big question mark…

I mean,

What’s a Freedom Switch????????

I dare say you might bounce right off of this home page if you happened upon it.

You’re too busy for stuff that doesn’t grab you right away.

You’re not going to spend $$$ on stuff that doesn’t seem clear.

And neither are your clients.

So what did we do to fix it?

We focused on her unique SYSTEM and the results and value of her support.


Her previous word had been “Freedom Switch” but what does that mean?

Well, we drilled it down to 5 types of business freedom:

1. Vacation-Freedom – Ability to schedule and enjoy vacations without losing business or having to put out fires long-distance.

2. Team-Freedom – Confidence your team has your back, so you can have a life. 

3. Profits-Freedom – Steady profit stream you can count on, in a system where you always know what’s happening with the money. 

4. Service-Freedom – So you can spend all your time supporting your people in ways you love. 

5. Legacy-Freedom – Knowing that when it’s time, you can sell your practice to the right people at a price that allows you a lucrative legacy. 

Now her website is yummy.



“Before I had the copy writing session with Mellissa my website copy was more copy cat than a genuine message from me. After she helped me with my home page and about page it feels like there is now a direct line between my heart and my client’s. Mellissa’s genius is distilling your message so that your essence can shine through.”  – Madeleine Silva



Ok, ready for the SECOND mistake everyone seems to make with website copy?

2.  Connect DEEPLY – write from your VOICE of EXPERIENCE. 

I see this all the time.  Especially on the “About us” page.  You think people care about your feelings, your details, your life that much?  Not really.

When you talk about YOU on your website (your training, your certifications, your story) you might lose your clients right away because it’s supposed to be all about THEM.

This is a fine distinction.

Because you DO want to talk about your story and self. 

But you need to do it as a Voice of Experience – an ALLY who understands your client from the inside out.

Let me show you the tricks to doing this using a dear client of mine…

Let’s use Edie Hoppin’s website as an example (yes she’s letting me share this)

Edie’s old about page did what most About pages do.  It talked about her – a general description of her background, her training, her kudos.  It was pretty good.  But it didn’t make people fall in love with her.

“in my late 20s, I experienced weight gain, digestive problems, and fatigue.  I was also having extreme allergies like Hay Fever.  In 1999 i was advised to make a dramatic change, and try eating a gluten-free diet…. With the help of a health coach, “

Honestly, this is not bad.  It talks about her experience.  But it’s descriptive.  It’s not coming from her VOICE of experience.  The Voice of Experience sounds like a friend sharing a secret.  It shows the client immediately that this expert is an insider who’s been there, and can commiserate and understand with compassion…

Here’s what we did with Edie’s About page…

When I was first diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant, even though I’m a pretty smart chick, I suddenly felt like an idiot.  I’d been poisoning myself without even knowing it. 
I hate feeling like an idiot.
I wanted to become a virtuoso of delicious gluten-free food as fast as possible.  And that’s hard to do without help…

Do you hear the difference in the tone?

Who here has ever felt like an IDIOT when you finally understand the root of your health problem, but then have to make lifestyle changes you’re clueless about?  Everyone.

So see how the key here is to speak to your client as if you are having a glass of wine together, and you’re revealing how you felt when you were in their shoes.  THAT’s how you connect.  That’s a first date.  That’s how you plant the seeds of a deeper connection.


After a session with Mellissa, my site has now had the makeover of my dreams. 
Her magic ability to see through the
clutter and highlight the gems has not only clarified the message for my clients, but given me a better
way to talk about my business.

Now, visiting my own site feels refreshing makes me happy. It is the professional face I want to present to the world. Mellissa helped me to create a site that has a clear message, calls to action, and just the right balance of serious message and the fun of my personality. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to benefit from Mellissa’s particular brand of copywriting genius.  Truly Priceless.  – Edie Hoppin


And now let’s talk about the third big mistake you might be making…

3. Build TRIBE:  From Manic Mumbo Jumbo to MANIFESTO

Websites are boring.

Movements are fun.

If you are passionate about the WHY of your work,  others will be too.

So if possible, clarify what is your Manifesto – what are the commitments and values that power up your work?

When I work with someone on website copy, I try to mine the content to create a passionate fun Manifesto. 

Michelle Cordero is letting me share the before and after of her Manifesto… want to hear about it?

Ok, so before we fixed it, her Manifesto landed with a thud.  It sounded like the 20 commandments instead of like something as sexy and empowering and juicy as Michelle herself is…

It looked like this:

But by the time we got done with it, it became a real MOVEMENT, with a PLEDGE that had us hooting and hollering and getting all worked up in a real good way. 😉

Witness the birth of the Act My Age Pledge:

For women who are turning 50 soon, and who refuse to stop being a rockstar.

She’s facing brutal options – and she may be tempted by plastic surgery, forced knee-ruining over-exercise, pushy cross-fit that herniates discs, or extreme brutal diets that don’t really nourish her soul.

But she’s got another option that no one’s talking about.  Age Defiance!

*Act my Age Movement*

There is a global LIE afoot that is ruining the world.

It is the LIE that my Age defines me.

I’m expected to act my age in this fake “production” of this culture’s story.

I’m expected to give up – to get quiet, invisible, and sick.

I will not play this role.

I will not Act my Age.

I pledge to improvise my life, fully embodied, as the wise hottie that I AM.


I, as a women facing 50, pledge that I refuse to Act my Age

In a culture that says this is my final act, and it’s all about slowing down, giving up, and watching the world go by.

Fuck. That.

I choose to remain sexy, powerful, and relevant.

What do you think of that, Hm?

Isn’t that freakin SEXAY???

What might your manifesto be?  I could help you download that…


It’s not just writing copy – Mellissa helped me go inside to recognize my own gifts and how to share them with the world. I have always had a tendency to play small out of fear. I’m still processing a lot as I work on my new business offerings. Now when I get overwhelmed or feel like quitting, I read the copy Mellissa wrote for me. 
After she helped me create my home page and about page, I could see how to get where I want to be.  Because of this clarity Mellissa provided, I am finally launching the business of my dreams.
– Michelle Cordero

So let’s talk about YOU now…

  • I bet you’ve got a sexy Manifesto in there just waiting to be born.
  • I bet with my help you could have a clear SYSTEM that makes sense of your sacred work.
  • I bet I could help you write your story in a way that has clients falling in love with the REAL you.

Even if you’re awesome at helping others with marketing copy, I bet you need some freakin help on yours.

If so, you can get my help at a great deal right now, if you’re one of the first 10 people to say YES to awesome compelling revealing web copy that will do the work for you…  As long as you already have a solid biz niche, and you know who you’re serving, we can write you some kick-asssss copy for your site that will finally make sense and make money.

>>> Grab one of the 10 spots to have me write your web copy for and with you <<<

** Danger: Rant Addendum – And don’t come crying to me in a year when that fancy website you just spent 5-10k on isn’t bringing you any real dang paying clients.  Cause here I am offering you the magic support you need.  You might need to get over your ego, your “oh I’ve already spent too much on this dang site” story, and your “I need to do everything myself, Master Messenger Mellissa” arrogance and finally get the support you need to go out there, attract your perfect clients, and make some bucks. 😉  We need you out in the world, being understood, respected, and paid, Gorgeous. 

So take me up on this offer. 

Here’s to you, Living Your Genius,


P.S. If you haven’t already noticed, once you have the MAGIC words you need for your website, you kinda have the MAGIC words you use for EVERYthing in your biz – your promises, your description, your answer to “what do you do?”  It only takes me an hour to download TONS Of magic words for you, assuming you already know who you’re here for and what you’re helping them with.  If you still don’t really know your niche (what you do best and for whom and the promises) then I’ve got another session where we can download all of that ALSO!  Just ask me.  OR if you know you just need better words for website and more, grab one of the 10 spots now.


Christine Whitmarsh
Mellissa is an awesome spiritual creative superpower!

I call her a Conduit of Creativity.

She has a unique and almost mystifying way of channeling your purpose, your gift and your niche and explaining how they work together in synchronicity.

She makes sense of spirituality (so you can make a profit with it).
I highly recommend working with her.

- Christine Whitmarsh,
CEO & Founder, Christine Ink