Dragon Kids

Not sure if you saw my blog post the other day, that told the story about the kid in the park (check that out here).  But since then, I’ve had over 50 passionate responses about it from people all over the world.  And I’m obsessed – in a really good way – and ready to create a solution that can serve sensitive kids and their parents.

Why? Lemme tell ya…

I look around this world, with the issues that need solved now, and I realize three things…

1.  I care most about helping  soul-gifted intuitively-guided innovative leaders make the impact they came here to make.

And our future leaders are struggling right now – as highly sensitive misunderstood genius kids who need our help.  

I call them Soul Gifted Kids.  I call them Dragon Kids.  

They have more energy than they are “supposed” to.  And they are more sensitive and energy aware than this culture understands.  But we get it.  Because we were that kid!  And now we are leaders…


2. I want to help YOU – as someone who is an innovative leader NOW, and as a leader-parent!

Do you realize that as a conscious parent, you ARE an innovative leader?


You parent consciously.  You know how precious that is?

Your kids are sensitive intense creatives (like you – duh) and they already don’t “fit in.”

Your brilliant kids have different experiences and needs than other kids.


As my dad loves to say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Well, there’s some truth to it.  Your kids are smart, sensitive, and plugged in.

And yes, that is “different.”


These kids may be seen as “overly sensitive, over imaginative, overly energized” to some people, but these same Gifts will also make them into the leaders we have been waiting for, if we can just get them to adulthood with their dignity intact.


Your role as an innovative parent is key to their making it to their own confident adult leadership.


And you’ve been telling me through passionate tear-stained emails that you want this more than any other purpose in your life.


3.  Our Soul Gifted sensitive Kids need special supportive training to understand and use their gifts.  They need this empowerment to avoid being judged, brutalized by the world, and labeled as broken.


In a culture that is post-indigenous, built on technology and patriarchy, on efficiency and capitalism, our sensitive Soul Gifted Kids need some extra tools to grow to be leaders.

  • Tools to hold their own energy intact, and not be overwhelmed by outer energies.
  • Tools to turn their problem areas into superpowers.
  • Tools to ground deeply into the magic that is theirs to claim.


I mean why do you think Harry Potter books are so dang popular?

It’s because right now, there are lots of magical kids who really do need a wizard school.


So, with your help, I’m creating one – a school for parents and kids – a home study way that doesn’t take too much time, that is fun, that builds better relationships.



Hey, I’ve helped a lot of kids learn about their magic.  I’ve given them direct clearings. And it really evens them out.


I’ve helped kids who seemed autistic suddenly not seem so.

I’ve helped kids who could not sleep a wink to finally be able to ground and rest.

I’ve helped kids who wouldn’t look me in the eye to come to the place where they wanted to hug me and others they know and love.

I’ve done this for clients, for family, for friends.  And it comes very naturally.  I see and understand these kids.  And I can clear them, show them fun tools, and explain it all to their folks.

It’s too important.  I need to find a way to share this widely.



I am creating something for your soul-gifted kids.  I can’t tell you all about it just yet, but I could use your help developing it – making sure that I provide the best help for these magical kiddos…


So if this moves you, please comment below me and share with me the single biggest challenge your beloved gifted amped up dragon kids face…


Because your input right now will help me design the perfect resources, games, and support for these kids we love.


Just comment below and talk to me about it… 

I will read your comment, send clearing and blessings for the kid!





P.S.  I am also aware that sometimes these soul-gifted kids’ behavior can be super challenging to a world that is not designed for them.  I know that many (like kids in my own family) can be diagnosed or mis-diagnosed, judged, bullied, restrained, and basically shut-down.  It can be brutal.  It can be also really hard to parent these dragon kids.  So I want to acknowledge you for facing this, for sharing it with me, and for talking about it.  Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or a god-parent of one of these special gifted kids, I just want to thank you for loving them, for holding your patience, and for seeing the potential of their greatness and supporting that.  Please do comment below and tell me about how it is for you, and for the kid you love.  This will help me help you further.  Thank you!


Do you love kids? I just witnessed something that fires me up…

Oh. My. Goddess.

I just watched a totally magical kid get completely shut down.  And I need to tell you this story, because it has an important ending.

So I was at the grassy park with my dog, and I saw this kid wearing a cape and holding a fake foam sword, fighting off who knows what – dragons, demons, knights.  He was splendiferous!  Maybe he was like 5.  His little chest puffed out, he was ROAARRRing with the invisible battle he raged.  He was flailing into his foe.  I fricken loved watching him.  He was so big, so loud, and so boisterous.  What joy!

He was completely engrossed in his invisible world.  And, quite frankly, as a shaman lawyer gal who spends a ton of time in the “invisible world” every day, I was impressed with this kid’s passion, his focus, his POWER. I was honestly appreciating his soul as a colleague would. It registered that his guides were “training” him with this apparent imaginary fight in the park.  I was relaxing into the vision of this kid as a fully-grown up leader, maybe a speaker, like the next Tony Robbins or something.  That’s how big his energy was.  And I felt some hope for human kind.  I often take some comfort in knowing that kids like this are coming in, with so much energy, so much passion, so much bigness -and that they will be the leaders of tomorrow.

But then I saw it happen.  It was subtle.  But it broke my heart.

A group of three kids kicking a soccer ball around were kind of circling this kid.  They were a little older – two boys and a girl, maybe age 7 or 8.  One of the boys in particular was tracking my sword-wielding colleague, and I felt the creepy tickle in my belly even as I watched the next part play out.

The soccer ball bounced off the legs of the little warrior.  “Hey, Weirdo, you just missed the ball,” with the little sniggery sneer and the finger pointed and the head and hip cocked and the whole understated bully attitude kid thing.

My little warrior, shaken suddenly from his heroic revelry, literally shrank.  His energy body pulled in like a sea anemone who’s been poked in the belly.  I know lots of people watching would think this exchange no big deal.  But that little warrior – for him, the sudden interruption of his world, and the word “Weirdo” cut him down fast.  He stood there, suddenly still, just gazing back at the kids.  The girl jogged over and retrieved the ball, shaking her head at him condescendingly.  The two boys laughed at the stunned warrior.  And the three smugly dribbled the ball away.

Now my little warrior was smacking at the grass with his sword, raging at the ground.  He was angry.  He was raging but I think there were tears too.  I wasn’t quite close enough to tell.  And his energy bubble was tight in around him, instead of expanded like it had been.  There was pain there.  I thought about going over to him, but I could see his mom on her phone sitting on a lawn chair, casually watching him, not far away.  I didn’t know what to say to him, or to her.  So I watched him walk his zigzag line of defeat – back to his mom.

My legs were tingly, and I felt them fold underneath me as I sat down in the grass and I cried. I cried for myself at that age. I remember being hauled off to the child psychiatrist because I saw imaginary things, had imaginary friends, at that age.  Fortunately, that doctor had assured my mom that this was a sign of a “gifted” child, although I always wondered after that if really something was wrong with me.  And I cried for my daughter, Clarise, who at that age was sometimes teased for wearing her pink velour cape every dang day, and for constantly pretending she was a kitty-cat at school.  And I cried for the lack of imagination, of connection with the unseen world, and for the general loss of soul in our present day culture.  It seriously hit me so deep.

And then I felt embarrassed.  Because I was sitting there crying over something that most people would think was not-a-thing.  Like, most people who had witnessed this little exchange would just say “Oh kids are like that.”  And frankly, that is true.  Kids are competitive.  Kids pick on the “different” one.  Kids tease.  Like, if someone has walked up to me and said “Why are you crying?” I would have been embarrassed to tell the truth about what I witnessed and felt.

And there – right THERE – is the real problem, in my book.

Energetic sensitivity is a Gift – a marker of deep intuition and creative gifts that are applicable in the real world for innovators, for leaders, for designers of a new reality.

Yet in “normal” culture, we don’t talk about energetic sensitivity as anything except as a problem to get over.

Screw that.

That pisses me off.

We are ignoring the biggest power available to us.

While we all look for “unlimited free energy” we deny ourselves the deepest well of energy and truth we have – the invisible world of the soul, of our inspiration, of the magic that makes life worth living.

So f*** it.

I stand for a new culture – one where the invisible world is just as real as the physical one, and tapped and utilized to make a real difference right here on planet earth.

I stand for a value system that honors our sensitive ones – and recognizes their soul’s genius.

I stand for the kids who are trying to step into their unique power that includes their magic, their bigness, and their creative freedom – so that they can grow up with magic intact to lead this messed up world into a healed state that integrates intellect and intuition – productivity and meaning – reason and magic.

I don’t want to live in a world where magic, play, and imagination are destroyed without anyone even noticing or caring.

Ugh.  I feel so alone in this.

Do you know what I’m talking about here?

Dude, please comment here if you do.  

I need to know that I’m not the only one who sees the destruction of our magical kids happening in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.  And I’d love to hear your ideas – what can we do for these kids?

And thanks for hearing me.



P.S.  What can we do for these kids?  We need to step up for the magical ones who will be the leaders of our future.  If you have ideas, comment here or email me and tell me.  Thank you.

3 Steps to Follow That Calling (Without Making a Big Mistake)

I want to share some big personal news with you. But more importantly, I want to share the secret of how I create these kinds of miracles. It’s really just 3 steps. And I’ll share those with you while I reveal my personal story! Ok here goes…

Less than a month ago, I found myself standing with my toes in a snow-melt creek in the forest of Nevada City, California, sobbing. My heart was bursting and coming out my eyes as tears, even as my brain protested “nothing’s that wrong.”  I ached with heartbreak, and burned with piercing longing for that dang creek. Yes, a creek. It didn’t make sense. Yet I allowed myself to feel it. I took myself through my Resonant Yes process (more on that in a moment) to see what wisdom this longing was bringing me. And then the miracles rolled in.

Oh, the Calling! I felt it so strong! My tears fell into the creek, and I could feel the potency of my longing swelling like some big tide. I know this as power, the calling of my intuitive intelligence. I know this feeling. It’s the pre-cursor to miraculous change in my life.

And I want to tell you about the miracles that lined up in the following few days to catapult me into a new life. Because this is an art – the art of listening to the Calling, and leaping at the right time, when a simple “want” becomes the Resonant Yes that changes your life.

But first… let me tell you – this wasn’t the first time this creek calling thing happened!

Twelve years ago, I found myself standing in a creek at Harbin Hot Springs, North of Calistoga in California, and I was sobbing. My soul was aching with a profound longing to live on that wild sacred land. It was as if the land itself welcomed me “back” to a home I never knew I had.

I made the biggest decision of my life.

Within a few months, I was uprooting my life to move. Everyone thought I was crazy. Well, actually, some people thought I was irresponsible, selfish, and narcissistic. The other ones just worried I was crazy. 😉

After all, I was leaving the town where my ex and my kids were living. I was leaving my five bedroom house on the canyon that I’d chosen so carefully. I was leaving San Diego (the town that people flock to, and which no one ever chooses to leave).

I was leaving all of this to find myself by living in community by a creek.

I moved into a tiny cob hut with my breath-work teaching boyfriend, living at Harbin, a hippie hot-springs community with clothing optional pools and hundreds of acres of forest. Within 20 feet from the cozy one-room dwelling was a year-round babbling creek, and two waterfalls – one warm and one cold. This was where I bathed in the morning, if I didn’t feel like using the outdoor shower after making breakfast in the outdoor kitchen. This is where I healed. This is where I opened.

For me, this place was a soothing healing paradise. I recently came across a letter I wrote at the time explaining “Why I choose to move to Harbin” which outlined the beauty, the joy of living among nature and her critters, the community vibe, the understanding of the culture, and the deep feeling of welcome I had there, and the joy that the place brought my kids who spent summers there with me.

Making that move (even when everyone thought it was nuts) was a pivotal choice, and set me up for the healing and empowerment I needed to step into the powerful path I’m on now. Even though it seemed like a “crazy” choice at the time.

I lived in the area, with the creek, for seven years. And then in 2012 it was time to go home to San Diego and face the “real world” again. In order to live in San Diego, I learned marketing, re-learned business, and created a six-figure plus business as an intuitive business teacher and mentor. I reconnected with my folks, healed my relationship with my mom in time for her third and final dance with cancer to take her away from me. It was a good death. Painful. And I was so glad to be there. I grounded in my own home, with my own kitchen, and enjoyed living with Clarise full time as she navigated high school.   I sent Collin off to his dream college, and enjoyed seeing him succeed.

And now (well, about a month ago actually) here I am standing in yet another creek – sobbing, pulsing, longing. Déjà vu to say the least.

Lots of folks who know me ask me…

“Mellissa, it seems like your life is a series of miracles. You have such amazing “luck!” How do you do it? How do you follow your Calling so clearly, and always have everything work out so well for you?”

The truth is – I’m using a system to follow my Resonant Yes in a miracle-producing way.

And I can share that with you now…


When the Calling appears, I follow these three steps:

  1. I LISTEN with an open heart to feel it all without shutting it down.
  2. I NAVIGATE the right decision using the Resonant Yes process.
  3. I NEGOTIATE with God to get the best miracle deal that is delicious and pragmatic.


Cool, right?

I’ve taught many folks to use this same system, and it works for them too.  It can work for you, and it’s simple.


So, here, let me take you through these 3 steps – to follow your Calling (without making a big mistake)…


  1. Listening


It’s hard to believe the deep longing. Because it doesn’t often make “sense.” It often feels like too radical a “change” from your imagined “plan.” The Calling doesn’t make sense, so you will be tempted to stuff it, to ignore it, and to miss it.

My reasonable mind didn’t want to hear the Creek call me again. It was bad timing.

Yes, I had dreamed/imagined/fantasized that once Clarise was off to college, I would find my place in the forest again. The forest is what feeds my soul. It is my healing place. The creek is the soundtrack that sooths my soul. It is my inspiration. But not now!

My logical mind said this was insane. Why would I move to a smallish town when I’m building my biz? Why would I move away from my extended family in San Diego? Why would I leave a beach house that most people spend their lifetime dreaming to enjoy? I’ve got it so good. Seriously. It’s a silly idea to move.

My rational mind was totally baffled by this deep longing for a friggen’ creek! I mean, what the heck? Am I a creek-needer? A creek-o-holic? Am I a creek obsessed creek junkie? (hee hee)

But I recognized this depth of longing.

I knew I had to listen.

Because if I don’t listen to it, resentment towards life itself builds up inside me, and wreaks havoc in my life, making me miserable.

If I didn’t listen deeply, my built-up resentment would sabotage my own success before it could even happen.  Has that ever happened to you?

Yes. This part of me that was expressing desire would either be heard, or go underground inside of me, sabotaging my success because I would not listen.

So I listened.


  1. Navigating


But just cause I have a crazy longing, and I listen to it, that doesn’t mean I need to uproot my life and follow that longing right away. It’s never that simple, is it? Discernment is an art.

The key was and is – to navigate inside my longing, and find out where it comes from, whether it’s the right choice, and which parts of me are for and against it.

I navigate such choices using my Resonant Yes process. It’s a guided journey through the 7 Inner Teammates – the inner voices that all have an important say in these sorts of decisions.  When we ignore one of these 7, we end up sabotaging ourselves from the inside, and success remains elusive.

So even as I was standing in that creek sobbing, I tapped into each of the 7 Inner Teammates. My Primal Self was a yes because we could afford to buy a house in that area, as long as I was fiscally responsible. My Desire Self wanted the creek, and the conscious community, and the Northern Cal vibe – so so bad. She was already a super clear YES. My Ambition Self was happy that we would be closer to San Francisco because many of our clients are there, and that would be good for biz. My Connection Self was split- scared of missing my friends and family in SD, yet longing to spend more time in conscious circle with my friends up North. And as I moved through my Expression Self, my Spirit Self, and my Rational Self, my innards relaxed into a solid knowing.

Resonant Yes Process complete. The tears dried on my face. A big smile replaced them. Yes. I felt the Resonant Yes. Full-bodied Yes. Confident Yes. And I knew I wanted to move.


  1. Negotiating


Ok, so I knew I wanted to move, with all my heart and body. But I’m a grownup, with responsibilities and real-life pragmatic concerns. I’m a parent. I know that even with a Resonant Yes, I need to take care of my responsibilities. I know that the power of a Resonant Yes often creates miracles to clear whatever obstacles might exist in the way of the YES.

God’s grace is the only force with the power to clear the way towards the Resonant Yes manifesting miraculously.

So, like the lawyer I am, I started wheeling and dealing with God.

“Ok God, if you really want me to move, here’s what I want…” I proposed, “I want a four bedroom rental house on a creek to literally drop into my lap. I don’t want to do some big rental search. And people say it’s kinda hard to find a rental up here, so I want you to do that part.”

And the clincher demand…

“And God, if you want me to move up here soon, you need to get Clarise on board with that. I’m not dragging my 17 year old daughter into this by the hair. I’m not going to convince her or talk her into it.  I can wait two more years until she graduates. I know she loves the beach. She would have to be a 100% Resonant Yes.”

I drove a hard bargain. And I knew the miracles would arrive if it was meant to be.

The very next day – my friend Lisa (it was her creek I was crying in) texted me saying that our friend Elayne had just bought a 4 bedroom house on a creek, and that she wanted to rent it out for a year, starting this summer.   She was anchoring the house as a community center for feminine inspired leadership, by the way, which is an energy I’m pretty comfortable with. Plus, it has a really nice pool with a waterfall.

Whoa. Made-to-order miracle with 24-hour turnaround. Nice work, God. I had the ideal house handed to me on a silver platter!

Gave me chicken skin all over.

“Fine,” I thought, “but it’s still a no unless Clarise wants to move.”

Well, “coincidentally” Clarise was on her way up to Nor Cal to see her brother’s play. And we’d been talking about visiting some colleges to re-inspire her to school. So… we visited places in the Bay Area and then we drove up to Nevada City to see if she had the 100% Resonant Yes that I had come to. I figured it was a long-shot. But hey, God got us that house offer in 24 hours… so anything is possible.

Well unfortunately, Clarise did not adore Nevada City. And I began to let my dream go. I mean, she liked the town ok, but she loves the beach so much. She’d miss her friends. It wasn’t going to happen. And I did my own internal work to detach from my dream of this, figuring I needed this feeling now to plan ahead for after Clarise graduated. I was disappointed, but I found my peace and gratitude with her No.

“Do you want to skip the high school tour and just go home tomorrow, then,” I asked Clarise.

She paused.

“No,” she said, “I don’t have a total No yet. I still feel open to checking it out.”

So we toured Nevada Union High with the principal, Kelly, on a Friday that was a make-up day for a snow day so she just happened to have tons of time to host us, introducing us to so many happy, present, smart teachers.


We were both blown away by the quality of this school.

Clarise has been longing to study digital arts, video, lighting, and to go to a design-centered college in a couple of years.

Well, this school has studios and training for livestream video broadcasting (yes seriously), digital photography and graphic arts, two theatres, and a studio arts program that partners with the best Art and Design colleges in the country to help kids get into the school they want. It was like the school had been designed to set Clarise up for success for her chosen future path.

By the time we sat in the car after the high school tour, Clarise said simply “When can we move?”

Over the next couple of days, we explored the area more, saw the house we’d be renting, and I even took Clarise through the 7 Steps of the Resonant Yes system to clarify her choice, and to make sure she was at 100% Yes. She was. And our energy together was pulsing with enthusiasm.

Negotiation with God successfully completed.   Perfect house locked in. Clarise on board. Miracle gates fully open!

And the miracles kept rolling in. Opportunities for work. New friends for Clarise. Collaborations to create new things in the area. Easy peasy effortless.

The miracles are still surprising me every day. I believe it’s because we are flowing with this Resonant Yes. We cleared the way for magic. We are aligned with the big Yes. And our choice is so supported.

Change can be scary. Even though this is a big Resonant Yes for us, it is scary. And even though we are confident it’s the right choice, there are people in our lives who are sad to see us go, and people we are sad to leave and miss. Yet our most loved ones are supportive, even if sad, because this choice is such a YES for us. Clarise’s dad, my dad, and more… those who love us can feel the YES, and are so supportive. We are blessed, we are ready, and we are grateful.

So, Friends, by the end of July, you’ll find us in Nevada City, California, living in the forest on a creek, opening to what is next.  Thank you for sending your prayers, support, and love as we make this next big leap.  Stay tuned for more news and invitations to join us for some more miracle-making!


Want to make easy miracle-producing decisions in your own life? OK!

I created a Resonant Yes kit that can help you open to your own best decisions, to get out of the way of abundance, and to know immediately if something is the right decision for you or not.

You’ll get:

  • Resonant Yes Ebook – that reveals the secrets of the 7 Inner Teammates and how to put them to work in every decision you make – easily and effectively
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  • Quick-Decision Guided Recording that takes you through the whole process in just 6 minutes – to make sure you don’t choose the wrong stuff, and to clear the way for your best decisions to land with miraculous clarity in your body and mind

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Creative Ideas on Tap

Some of the people I work with are paid 7-figures to have great ideas every day.

Can you imagine the pressure of that?  Geesh!

Imagine – you’re a creative pro – and

You gotta come up with a GREAT idea… NOW!

Millions of bucks are on the line!

(hah – no pressure, right?)

Even if you’re not a professional creative, if you’re a business owner, a mom, or an interesting conversationalist, you want to be able to open your Creative Conduit and come up with great ideas at will, right? 

Well, today I’m sharing with you the 3 steps I use with my super-go-getter pro creative clients to keep their creative tap flowing full on, effortlessly, and with pleasure!

>>> A Training and Clearing with Mellissa for only $35 – 3 Steps to Open your Creative Genius <<<

Don’t feel like accepting my help via effortless training and clearing?  OK – here are a couple things you can do on your own… 

1. Journal about your vision,

2. Speak your mind to someone you’ve been withholding the truth from, and

3. Dance or sing playfully to open up your creative flow.

** Warning: These are not the same 3 steps I share in the training, though – hehe – we go deeper in the training – cuz we have time to give you a full clearing as well as activating your Creative Conduit at a deep level.

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Let me tell you a secret…

Another word for this Creative Conduit stuff is Channeling. But that word freaks some people out.  Truth is, this art is available to all of us, and it’s where our best creative ideas come from.   This offer will open up your ability to be a Channel! (shhh – just go get it. ;))

Creativity is our natural gift.

The Creative Conduit is what we channel ideas through.

Now go open it up and set it on fire!

3 Secrets to Getting Paid Well on a Scorpio Full Moon

I want you to get more money from other people, OK?


So I’m going to give you the 3 Secrets of Getting Paid on a Scorpio Full Moon…

and I’m going to invite you to receive a clearing with me via video for like 85% off if you do it today

Secret #1 of 3:

It’s the good guys (like us) who are the most impacted by the Scorpio challenges to receiving other people’s money.

That’s because we are deep, and potent, and caring.  And we are afraid of becoming greedy bastards.  Dang it!  It’s holding us back. We need to clear this fear, and we need to do it now.

Because it’s the inspired entrepreneurs like you who most deserve to be paid!

Then you’ll really be free to do what your soul came here to do!  And that benefits us all.

That’s why – at this amazing Full Scorpio Moon, I want to give you super cheap access to a potent money clearing with me that’s worth $500.00 and more.  This clearing will help you finally charge what you’re really worth.

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Secret #2 of 3:

Scorpio limitations on charging money also affect sex, risk, and freedom.  Clear one, benefit from them all.

Scorpio rules the underworld yummy dark stuff – including sex and transformation, as well as accepting money from others.  When you have money blocks in this arena, you also have restrictions in your sexy life and your feelings of freedom!

So when you clear the blocks to receiving money from others, you’re also going to be able to receive more sexy satisfaction and free-up your pleasure in all areas.  Yum.

Your pleasure, your transformative power, your willingness to charge/receive money and your deep purpose are all connected.  As long as you’re hiding from charging what you’re worth, you’re crippling your own juicy magic.  So knock that off. 😉

Secret #3 of 3:

The way through the Scorpio blocks is to use magic.  Like what we do when we clear together, using my secret-sauce of collaborative virtual healing.

Scorpio rules magic.  So use magic to clear this crap.  Use your own magic if you wanna.  Lord Shiva knows there’s more than one way to experience a potent clearing of your blocks.



Have you experienced one of my video clearings yet?  If you have, you know that we leverage the power of not just me – but of powerful healer-participants from all over the world.  When I record a live clearing like this, we tune it to work just as powerfully as a recording.  Quantum physics tells us that there is no such thing as time or space.  So, we leverage the group outside the limitations of time and space.  With our intention, we create the effect of a potent powerful group all healing and clearing together, even when people are watching the clearing video at different times and places.

What this means for you is this…

You can watch this clearing video whenever, wherever, and as many times as you’d like – and it works just as well as if you are in the room with this circle of really powerful healers.  People even report feeling everyone palpably – with tingles, shivers, and flushes of joy flowing through.  People have big visions.

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Confessions of a Niche Witch – a personal story

I want to tell you a personal story.  Cause I think you’ll relate.

When I accidentally got psychic in 2000, after having been a happy Catholic and lawyer, the thing that was the hardest was to feel like I couldn’t be “professional” anymore.

See, I’d always been a top student, Valedictorian, good girl, and frankly a pretty brilliant straight-A success. I made great money as a lawyer without working too dang hard, and lots of people respected me as a leader.

Then, I had a spiritual wake-up experience that left me aware of other dimensions, realities, and, well, a bunch of woo-woo stuff I had not previously even believed in. Suddenly, I was psychic.  I was one of “those people” that I’d always judged.  Um, *awkward!*

So I kind of went into hiding.  I mean, I started offering profound energy clearings to people all over the world (clearing long-held patterns that kept them back) and being paid well to do that.  But I didn’t market my work.  I made people discover me.  They had to kind of miraculously find me, then trust that I’d help them, and pay me, even if they’d never met me and lived on the other side of the planet.  In other words, I didn’t make it very easy for clients to find me. And it’s a good thing I was livin’ poor on the land, cause I didn’t make a ton of dough. 😉

Well, at a certain point, I needed to grow my biz beyond just having God do all my marketing for me. 😉  So I went and got some much needed training in modern internet based marketing.

But there was one BIG obstacle for me.

I was expected to pick a niche.

My teachers asked me to make SENSE of this super woo-power work I was doing.

I was supposed to make it understandable, approachable, and, well, RELEVANT to real people in the real world.


I resisted it.

I’m too magical to get specific.

I don’t want to limit the limitless power of my work.”

(and secretly)

I’m scared that if I make a promise to my clients that they will get real results, that I’ll fail and they’ll hate me and everyone will laugh and point and then they’ll tie me to a post on a pile of wood and light me on fire chanting “burn the witch.”


Maybe I went a little dark with that last statement.

But honestly, that’s where my mind went in the dark corners.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my own niche – the entry point problem that I can solve so easily, which solves a super valuable problem in the real world for real people….

My niche…

Is helping spiritual entrepreneurs identify their niche.

In other words, I can sit with someone and, in just a couple of hours, download to them with clarity what is their

1. deepest gift,

2. life purpose,

3. big life patterns and contracts,

4. right role in the world,

5. best strategic market and niche, and

6. the next steps to build a lucrative biz on that niche

* (oh yah and I also clear all the crap that’s holding them back from the inside).

Whew.  This work saves people years of struggle, unclarity, and the excruciating soul-level pain of throwing your heart and soul into the WRONG-fit business.

As soon as my own niche became clear, my income doubled, then tripled. I became a sought-after expert and speaker.   It’s hard to believe I used to be SO scared to have a niche.  I used to think it would cause me to be burned at the stake.

And, ironically, guess what they call me now?

Niche Witch.

Yep.  It rhymes.  And it’s true.  And no one is burning me.

Instead, I’m doing the work of huge impact for creative visionary people who might otherwise never make enough money to focus on their sacred work.  They give me a couple thousand bucks, and I give them the clarity that they would take years of trial and error trying to find on their own.

>>> Mellissa – I want you to be my Niche Witch – tell me the best-fit business plan for me! <<<

Check out what a recent client had to say about my VIP Business Clarity Session like what I’ve described above…


Before my VIP session with Mellissa, even though I’m a peak performer, an international leader in my company, I was feeling stuck in overwhelm and heaviness.  I felt “trapped,”  and unsure about where my business could go next.

It’s one day later after my session with Mellissa, and I already feel totally different. I feel lighter, like heavy things were lifted off me. 

In just one day, I’ve made more progress than I have in the past year. I finally understand what I’m here for.   Miracles are happening to me – I just got connected to a the perfect high-level ally who will set me up for my new expertise direction.

I was able to start a side project I wanted for the last few months.  In the session I had a vision of it, and everyone who I wanted involved said YES immediately!

And also a friend recommended me a client who ended up being exactly like the one from my ideal client profile.  I feel so passionate to work with this person.

Finally, I feel confident with my expertise for this solution like no one else. I know it’s because I finally know what I’m really here for. 

The session with Mellissa yesterday opened the gates, just like she said it would!

Justyna K.

Program Director, London


Cool, right?  There are quite a few people who count their business and lives as “before I worked with Mellissa” and “after I worked with Mellissa” and this VIP 3-hour whopper session is usually what they’re talking about.

Other smartipants strategists charge $10,000-30,000 for a day-long VIP experience that results in a tailor-made biz plan.   And it’s worth it.

Cause it saves years of struggle, and prevents someone doing the wrong business.

But I charge a lot less.

I do it for $2.5K

And it’s a screaming deal!

Today, though, I’m offering you this session at the old price of $2,100, saving you $400!

Pretty awesome.

So if you’re ready for the big clarity without the big struggle,

and if you’re willing to make money easier,

and you are devoted to doing what your soul came here to do and make great money doing it,

>>> Save yourself $400 and years of struggle – register for your VIP session with me today <<<

I can’t wait to see what happens with you when you finally just KNOW your soul’s own business plan, and the easiest steps to get you there!

Here’s to your Soul Gifted Success!


P.S. I’m giving the $400 off price to the first 10 people who register.  So I can’t guarantee this big discount will be available to you for long.  Go get it now.  Don’t miss this chance to have the clarity you’ve been longing for, at a 20% discount of an already awesome deal!


Christine Whitmarsh
Mellissa is an awesome spiritual creative superpower!

I call her a Conduit of Creativity.

She has a unique and almost mystifying way of channeling your purpose, your gift and your niche and explaining how they work together in synchronicity.

She makes sense of spirituality (so you can make a profit with it).
I highly recommend working with her.

- Christine Whitmarsh,
CEO & Founder, Christine Ink